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My beer if choice, not surprisingly is a Portuguese beer called Superbock. It's this really tasty, heady, strong beer which since its creation has won 23 consecutive gold medals at the Monde Selection. It was also considered a "Superbrand 2006".

You guys should see about trying it out some day.

I'll have to try it. Back home, we drank tons of "Sagres" particularly around "festa" time. (I'm half Portuguese)
ABITA RESTORATION ALE!!! a dollar of every sixer bought is contributed to the restoration of new orleans. and it tastes like magic...
I don't drink much anymore, but when I did, and after trying hundreds of different beers, stouts and ales (literally hundreds, since I worked for a beverage dealer who specialized in imports and micro-brewery beers, all of which we tried as they came in the door) the best ever was, and probably still is, Chimay red label. When people would ask for a recommendation, I would always suggest Chimay and offer a personal (meaning out of my pocket) money-back guarantee. Not one person ever took me up on it. The best. Hands down.
Chimay is indeed good; albeit a tad pricey. Funny how my beer tastes have changed over the years. Fraternity beer in the early 1980s: Busch. Horrible, but not Budweiser, which tastes like a dead dog's bunghole and gives you a worse headache than having screwed one.

After I landed a job, I worshipped Bass. Back in those days, Bass was actually very good. The quality has slipped considerably since. Then, on to Guinness and Murphy's "Good from the Wood." Then, on to Sam Adams Boston Lager, and now, full circle, I actually really like Miller Genuine Draft.

I'm an idiot, aren't I?
Bridgeport IPA, but only in Portland Or. It doesn't travel well, for some reason; I've got it in LA at BevMo and it's lost its characteristic flavor.

When I've been broke, the go-to move is to get a 12 of Miller, chill it to near-freezing, and slam them down one after the other with a Camel Filter chaser.
Lately, I'v been switching between Pabst and Old Style. I like any kind of beer, and I'm always willing to try something new. If your'e ever in Milwaukee, check out the Landmark, they have an excellent selection of both bottles and taps.
ok, If you guys ever in Mexico, please ask for this one :


Contemplating tomorrow

As he lifted the glass
to his lips
contemplating tomorrow,
today was growing
fainter and fainter
and he lowered
his empty glass
to the bar.
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

followed closely by Sammy Smith Oatmeal Stout. the big one.
You have hit on two of my very favorites there. Great taste. Samuel Smith Taddy Porter right up in there too. Also like Indica IPA and Carlsberg Elephant. Lately have been switching between two quite good IPAs called Kashmir and Long Hammer, the latter made by Red Hook. (Not usually crazy about Red Hook products but this one is different ... nice, bitter hopsy IPA.)
My favorite beer is the coldest one. It's 97 degrees already today, at 10:30 AM. On the way to 103 or 106. Yay Los Angeles. Um hmm.
Good lord, Michael, stay inside! It was 100 or over four or five days in a row last week, lots of wilted flowers and bitching people! And in North Carolina, hot usually means HUMID too, which sucks royally. So -- yeah, crack a nice cold beer and keep cool.
Yeah, I grew up in St. Paul, which most people think of as encased in ice year-round. It is encased in ice, but only for 6 months of the year, The other six months it's 98 degrees and 80% humidity, with swarms of mosquitoes blocking out the sun. Biblical, I tell ya. And they wonder why there's a bar on every corner.

So I try to remember how fortunate i am to be in the dry heat now. But somehow it isn't very comforting. At least we're not in Iraq wearing 50 pounds of body armor.
So I try to remember how fortunate i am to be in the dry heat now. But somehow it isn't very comforting. At least we're not in Iraq wearing 50 pounds of body armor.

Always remember, the heat is theraputic and it makes the beer taste better. I recall drinking like 15 or 20 beers on a very hot day while working with a sculpture class and I didn't even have a buzz. The hot air just sucked the alcohol right out of the can....and to think many Europeans drink their beer warm.

I thought we couldn't afford to buy any body armor for our troops.;)
swarms of mosquitoes blocking out the sun. Biblical, I tell ya.

Man, I was in duluth a couple of summers ago for some art instruction. I had to literally run from the car to the studio and back to the car every day and evening. never saw anything like it! we had a ton of mosquito's in michigan, even called them our state bird, but damn I've never seen anything like the swarms in Minnesota. just unreal!!
You want to know what's worse?

No-see-ums. . .

At least you can see the fucking mosquitoes.

With no-see-ums at less than an
1/8th of an inch long it's like. . .

. . . huh? Shit. There's blood dripping down my legs!
100 in Sacramento today.

Had a Henekin Light, Tecate, Miller Genuine Draft & a St. Pauli Girls today. And a couple of black russians.

All because of the heat.
There are two local beer brands in Uruguay. One has a girl's name: Patricia, and it's the best. Bitter and hard to find. The other one is Pilsen. It's lighter, a little 'waterish' and usually one cent (or peso) cheaper. Of course you can find several imported brands, but... trust me, you'll like Patricia.
Gotta read some more Buk before I can contribute to other threads but I do have some insight into the fine art of brewski.

Favorites - Shiner Bock, Pilsner Urquell, Guinness, Harp, Modelo, Modelo Especial, Tecate, Carta Blanca, Fat Tire, XX Amber, etal.

"Kaliber is a premium non-acoholic ale style brew imported
from the makers of Guiness. The rich amber color and
full-body delivers all the taste of a beer with less alcohol." -- bottle notes


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