Hard Without Music - excerpt from Portions of a Wine-Stained Notebook (1 Viewer)

Kind of an unusual, early story... well, to be honest, most early stories are kind of unusual in both content and form. See "The Rapists Story" ;)
It's always great to read a "new" Buk story, whether it's good or not so good.
Thanks, mjp!
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Nice. Two recognizable Buk-features about this short:

1. Yet another woman's name ending with an "a".

2. An early mention of his "Don't try" philosophy, this time connected
to classical music ... interesting that he had these instincts so early.

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I really enjoyed that story. From ~1948, huh? Quite different from (yet strangely similar to) the later stories. I'm very much looking forward to the new collection, no matter what the cover looks like. ;) Thanks, mjp.
Just happened across this poem talking about the same era (supposedly, since he had a record player). Those he doesn't mention nuns in this one.

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