Have you ever been dead broke? (1 Viewer)

You command my admiration for being tough enough to face all this. Pride versus basic needs, I know this inner battle, which is often staged to breaking point.
pritty much, went looking for coppers (coins, to those who arnt from the uk) on the floor so i could go see cannibal corpse that night, but i found out I got put on the guest list and spent the money I had collected on beer.
how the hell do you homeless guys get your hands onto a computer with an internet connection?
Lived on the street myself for about three months (was never really thrown out, I was fucked up and on a great big drinking binge). Got by raiding night shops and sleeping in a friends' car. Was a hell of a time but in retrospect, quite needed that time in my life.
Yes, as a kid I was a runaway. Lived for quite a time on the streets in various locales, including NYC. The experience left it's mark on me, and occasionally still get the pangs of fear associated with that time.

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