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This may offend some of the vegetarians on the board, but I am curious, especially as this forum is international.

I have not eaten anything too strange. I'm sure that we'll hear about some really strange foodstuffs. I'll get it started.

Snails (Like scallops in garlic butter),
Frog Legs (like very lean chicken),
Ostrich (surprisingly like greasy roast beef),
Wild Boar (more like beef than pork and can be served rare)
Beef Tongue (really pretty nasty)

Speaking of Wild Boar, I was in Iowa a year ago and they serve their pork like beef, (rare, med rare, etc.). I'm not sure why you have to cook it well, when they eat it rare in other places.

Now I wait to hear about all the insects, brains, testicles, etc...

This thread already makes me want to go back to not eating meat...

Crow! ;) Anyway, I like(d) Hog Head cheese, blood sausage, pigs feet, fried European carp...that's as far as I will go. You ought to check the "Man versus Wild" ...if you are survivalist you might develop the taste for Deer or Bear poop.
I don't know if anyone could pay me enough money to eat this.

Or this. No, sure I wouldn't eat this lobster.

Sorry, I don't want to change this thread into What's the strangest thing you would never eat.
That octopus video is offensive just because it tortures the animal for no reason. I'm no PETA supporter and eat my fair share of meat, but you have to draw the line at eating animals alive.
Agreed, I really wasn't serious about the money. It's gruesome and the cooks who prepare those meals, just like the people who eat the animals alive have got a screw loose, in my humble opinion.
I think I swallowed part of an old tooth crown at the dentist about an hour ago...does that count?

It had a chalky, metallic taste, not unlike the scent of the binding on an Al Fogel book.
I've had muktuk(whale blubber) and it was awful. It was raw, and some people fry it, but I can't see it being any better fried. Eskimo ice cream, which is just lard(I didn't ask what kind) mixed with raspberries and blueberries, also an aquired taste. Crocodile was pretty tasty, served fried tasted just like chicken. But the strangest is easily the one pound burrito at a local gas staiton appropiately titled "The Bomb!" I wouldn't wish it on anyone
I was about to say pussy, but I think Calamari. It felt like chewing on a rubber band and it did'nt have much taste. So, no more octopus for me!
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I had beef tongue when I was little. I liked it okay.

Had ostrich at a local seafood restaurant. It's closed down. It's a strip bar now.
Beef tongue is the very best beef. Didn't you see the movie Dances with Wolves? The old time Midwest settlers would shoot a buffalo just to cut out it's tongue for supper.
Raw oysters are the strangest thing for me since beef tongue is so perfectly delicious.
You guys do understand that the predators that eat octopus in the ocean don't catch them and humanely kill and prepare them...they just swallow them. Kinda like that guy in the video. The food chain is all about being eaten alive. We're the only ones who have a problem with that.
A lot of nasty things when I worked in China: dog soup (I thought they say "goat" but later they told me they said "Goh" or somesuch, meaning "dog" in the local dialect); snake; snake blood, snake bile; sea turtle; donkey; an orange with a big worm sticking out with a blade of grass growing through the worm... I finally started telling people I was a vegetarian when I visited. I never figured out if these were delicasies they enjoyed ordering when out to dinner with me on expense accounts, or whether they wanted to see how far they could push me.

My wife is from the Northeast of Thailand, where they make a paste out of mashed water-bugs and chilis, and spoon it over rice. I won't touch it, but I've eaten deep-fried grasshoppers (best after 6 or more beers).

Oh, and I ate at Wendy's once.
The weirdest thing I have ever eaten and possible to mention, was the worm at the bottom of a bottle of mescal. I thing that I have eaten fried baby crabs, eaten like chips and a chocolate covered grasshopper. As far as I can remember, or been aware of. Usually all these were drowned by large amount of alcohol.
I eat calamari as often as I can, I love them.
In Holland, I have eaten 'haringen' quite often, and 'palingen'. They are fresh, raw herrings and smoked eels.
Black Swan forgot to mention that the Dutch eat raw herring together with raw onions.

An American tries a herring in the tradional Dutch way:

Unkissable, I can tell you that, especially if beer comes with it, not to mention the digesting process. :shutup:
If you haven't eaten it yourself, and your partner has, my advice to you is to drink heavily, or spend your day at the museum.
I remember I've also tried rat food when I was dead broke, some of it is unchewable and most of it tastes awful, so I went for the sunflower seeds in it.

Chocolate covered ants, when I was a kid. They tasted like ants, if you know what I mean. And chocolate. Not good, but tolerable.
rattle snake, sundried octopus, crocodile. most all North American "game" animals. though I'm a vegetarian now.
Nothing too crazy. Duck and rattlesnake, not together, separately and hated them both.

On another note, I was telling people at work today about Marie Calendar's off the menu 5-cheese grilled cheese sandwich, and they all thought that was strange. I think it's delicious!
This should be pleasing to the palate, Bukfan. Tasty goodness at :21.

OMG! It's enough to make one a vegetarian monk or something. :biggrin:

Black Swan forgot to mention that the Dutch eat raw herring together with raw onions.

Right, I saw people eat those raw herrings at the fish stands, when I visited Amsterdam. I was not exactly tempted to try eating one myself. :eek:
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Y'know... I've never gone out of my way to eat odd, strange, or uncommon food. I'm a very boring person overall, though, so not much of a surprise.
I had fried alligator in NO a couple of days ago. Not quite as flavorful as white meat chicken, if that conveys anything.

Beef tongue is quite good - go to the Carnegie Deli in NYC and order a sandwich platter. You'll be eating it for three days.

That raw herring in Amsterdam is beyond fishy. Imagine eating it blindfolded in the red light district.
must admit, I haven't read the whole thread.
Just jump in for the fun of it.

I was about to say pussy [...]

as a joke that's great!
but, sure, we all know, "pussy" is not a "strange thing" to eat, but a natural food for men!

[...] when I worked in China: [...]

a friend of mine has been in China for 2 weeks and his business-partners wanted to bring him to 'western'-restaurants. But that friend is a Romanian (yes, some of you have heared of him already) and is used to eat EVERYTHING (like the entrails of animals, the inside of their mouths, their whatevers ..) - so he surprised them with being not only Open, but really WANTING all this strange food!)

okay, back to me:

the 'strangest' I ever ate was earthworm.
(I started with a version, that was freed from the dirt inside and fryed over fire, the next step was to fry one over fire without pulling out the insides before, the last step was to eat one raw and alive. Let me tell you: it's not the Taste, that's disgusting, it's feeling the single 'stings' of the worm, that alienates one.)
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I was about to say pussy [...]
as a joke that's great!
but, sure, we all know, "pussy" is not a "strange thing" to eat, but a natural food for men!

You are of course right, Roni! It was just such an obvious joke I couldn't resist using it. :biggrin:
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That sounds like a thing of beauty. If I am ever at a Marie Calendar's I will remember it.

Not sure how I messed that up, but being that I don't go to either restaraunt often, that could be it! The actual restaraunt that makes the 5 cheese grilled cheese is Mimi's Cafe. I was looking for the different cheeses they use on-line when it occured to me, it wasn't Marie Calendars...

So here are the cheeses, and I'm telling you, it's delicious!

5 Way Grilled Cheese
Garlic parmesan sourdough grilled with mozzarella, jack, cheddar, and swiss cheese.
I had a burger at a local place called Tailpipes. It was 1/3 pound with parmesan, black pepper aioli (sorry if I misspelled that), roma tomatoes, and spinach on a ciabatta bun. It was called the Gran Torino. All their burgers are car themed. It's now my favorite place to get great burgers.
In school I once had to prepare and eat snails, which wasn't that bad. But then also, errr, "Calfs Brain", which tasted ok, but to prepare it was hell because if it is 7 am in the morning and you are sick anyhow and then somebody slams a full grown animal brain in your hands and asks you to remove little grey bone pieces from it or whatever the hell that was sticking in there, you know that this day will never end up in the "Tell us about your Great Day"-thread.
In which school did you have to cook snails and calf brains? :stillconfused: Did you study cooking before/between law and literature?

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