What's the strangest thing that you have ever eaten? (1 Viewer)

In which school did you have to cook snails and calf brains? :stillconfused: Did you study cooking before/between law and literature?

Yes, I did. I made a, how do you call it, "tourism school"? It was hell and I hated cooking for years afterwards. Recently I've been thinking about becoming a callboy, in case anybody is interested.
Once upon a time there was a small bug that God hated. God let the bug fly unnoticed into my wok when I was cooking. Then on my plate, I still didn't notice the bug, and so I was to find out how it tasted. I'd say the most bitter taste in the world combined with moldy garbage you can't erase with tooth paste or alcohol. Poor bug, God has been an asshole to both of us that day.

And the moral of this true fairy story is: chitin armoring can't always save you.
That's it, Ambreen, you convinced me.

Now the music will be coming! It will open up the poems in a completely new way to all of you! I am dreaming of the ukulele. Check me out on MySpace. I rule.

(PS: I just remembered, when I was a child there was a guy in my town who was locally famous for eating horse turds if you paid him. I never experienced this in person, but it was brought to me by believable bystanders.)
A girl at work today, was excited because her mom called and told her she was making lengua for dinner. That's the spanish word for tongue. So someone asked where the tongue was from. She said a cow. I was grossed out till she reminded me that since I eat menudo whenever it's around and throughout my life, it's been around a lot. Apparently that rubbery chewy thing in menudo is cows tongue. Now, I'm sure I knew this, but I had kinda put that thought out of mind over the years... Gross!!! But oh so delicious!

Edited below after an ever so important phone call to my mother:

Ahhh, what the hell do I know. I just got off the phone with my mother, and she says the girl at my work is crazy! She said menudo is Cow intestines and never, well not the one she or her family makes contains cow tongue.

Oh well, still gross, still delicious!
I tried some Wallaby at a Farmer's Market Stall in Australia. Not bad, quite a tender meat. When travelling I also tried Shark, which tastes like cod, and Calmari - which is nice, but there isn't much too it.

I'm keen to try horse meat.

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