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Does anyone have this?
I'm wondering how the sound quality is.....
I've got a chance to buy the original, the price seems a little steep,
But apparently it's a real rarity.
It's from a reading Buk did in Germany
With an awesome photo by Montfort on the cover
(Buk with a bottomless beer)
And includes a poster with lots of pics
And the 22 (?!) poems reproduced.
Haven't heard the record but I believe its the reading that also appears on the CD Solid Citizen which I do have. The CD has 20 tracks from the reading and then 4 or 5 from a 1969 home recording. The quality of the CD is ok. Not perfect mike to soundboard ok but decent tape recording ok.

There is a German TV show thats been on the p2p networks that has some of a 1978 Hamburg reading on it. First thing Bukowski says is "Hello, its good to be back."

The CD doesn't have "hot" on it [Burning in Water Drowning in Flame, page 161] which is on the TV show, but its the same reading as the CD, with the same mad heckler on it... If the album is cut from the same source as that used (but dubbed) on the TV show then it should be very good.

I'd attach a sample track from the CD, but seem to be unable to upload either mp3 [Invalid File] or zip - its too big.

CD tacks:

Hamburg 1978

1. Free
2. Hot Dog
3. An Observer
4. You Can't Make A Lion Out Of A Butterfly
5. Some People
6. The White Poets
7. The Black Poets
8. Looking For A Job
9. Another Academy
10. I Met A Genius
11. The Bones Of My Uncle
12. The Fisherman
13. When Hugo Wolf Went Mad
14. Trading Insults
15. The Construction Of The Masses
16. The Flower Lover
17. Love & Fame & Death
18. I've Always Had Problems With Money
19. The Place Didn't Look Bad
20. One For The Shoeshine Man

Home recording

21. A Report On The Consumption Of Myself
22. I Was Born To Hustle Roses Down The Avenues Of The Dead
23. Cancer
24. A Short Story
zoom man said:
Does anyone have this?
I'm wondering how the sound quality is.....
I've got a chance to buy the original, the price seems a little steep,
How steep? That's an uncommon item and worth a bit of change.
A little under $300....
Worth it?!
I'd just love to get my hands on it
Just to see it, you know.
It's a lot of money to me, but man,
Maybe it's time for an old-fashioned monthly starvation diet again :>
Yeah, that's what I thought too,
$300 is a lot, but I guess it's only going to go up in value.
And thanks for all the content info from your
Solid Citizen.
I bet this whole LP is included in your disk,
So maybe I should find the disk instead, and continue to eat!
Just got it now on e-bay ~$100.
The guy had a Buy-It-Now option, thankfully
And he just listed it....
I'm doing the happy dance,
Can't wait to get it
cirerita said:
by the way, the file available in the p2p networks is called "Bukowski in Hamburg".

and by another way its high quality and also contains a 30min interview with buk in his house,2 years prior to his death - its all in german.

fetch it.
He does, oddly, have a another copy available too, Buy-It-Now in Euros ( ~126. US).
And I asked about the posters and bag....
He said no bag but he could take the poster off his wall if I wanted it...
I can't believe he didn't mention the poster in the auction!, But didn't tell him so.
He said he'd yank it off e-bay and sell me direct, I said 'No' I just want the poster ;) , But he wouldn't part with it unless it went with the record
(understandable, but I've got the record).
So, guys, e-mail him with a question.....
And it could all be yours!
Good To Be Back (1978 LP) fs or trade

hi, I have a m-/m- copy of "Good To Be Back" (1978 LP) incl. the original Poster for sale (or trade). In addition, I also can offer the following books:
1. "Die Ochsentour", Photos: Michael Montfort - Maro Verlag, first german edition 1980 (the Original American Issue "Shakesespeare never did this" was issued 1979 by City Light Books, San Francisco).
2. "Pferdefleisch", Photos: Michael Montfort - Albrecht Knaus Verlag german edition 1987 (the Original American Issue "Horsemeat" was issued 1982 by Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara).
Please e-mail me at [removed] in case you're interested - serious offers only please (I'm collecting rare afro, jazz, latin & funk LP's and will consider trade offers for original LP's in mint-/mint- condition) - best regards: Johannes aka *yakibyrd*
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