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Well, I'm not saying it's bad (because I have an admittedly bad eye for poetry), but it's pretty much forum policy that personal poetry doesn't get posted.
oh ok i see i'll not do that in the future (i've been abnormally sober to post the past few days but that can easily change)

thanks for the heads up though
since when?
Since forever. There is only one poetry thread, and that's the one you linked to - "Bad "Buk-Inspired" Poetry (when you were drunk)" - which is where the first post in this thread went to live.

Letting people post their own poetry is not a floodgate I want to open. There are, oh, I don't know, four hundred million other sites that anyone can post poetry to, so I figure that's enough.

Your hand signed forum policy document is in the mail. Don't try to sell it on eBay.

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