holy shit it's a chance press book by CAROL ES (1 Viewer)

You guys need to learn a lesson from big manufacturers: planned obsolescence.

You want the books to fall apart. Then you do a brisk trade in repair. Or come up with a better name...book renewal or something.

That way you have one customer and multiple payments per title.

Get with it, man.
I agree. It seems the key to longevity is a shitty product that constantly must be replaced; the key to wealth is a meaningless "money back guarantee (as we'll close up shop on whatever gimcrack we've been shilling before the complaints can come in); and the key to happiness is LOW EXPECTATIONS!

BoSP & Chance Press--with your gorgeous materials and artisan approach--you're working yourselves right out of a job!
If the scrapbooking tape does fail someday, it'll turn out to be because the manufacturer saved 15 cents per thousand units on some ingredient of the adhesive. You'd rather have paid that extra 15 cents for a tape that wouldn't fail, but they never asked you -- they just went with the cheaper ingredient. Isn't that how capitalism works?
i wonder how long has the 3m adhesive been existing so far? but fyi, i'm not worried. i trust j&j and bill totally.
Hey, many thanks to the generous person who mailed me a free copy of the little paperbound copy of Carol's sketches. Very cool little book. I liked the words as well as the drawings. There was no note, and the name on the return address was just initials. I haven't yet figured out who sent this, being less than clever. But thanks, whoever you are. Much appreciated.
i was going to include a thing about how the convertible binding works (you either fold the back cover flap on the outer fold to keep the dustjacket back there, or you fold it on the inner flap and put the dustjacket on the book), but i got lazy. i'll post something to the blog at some point. glad you like them!
just posted a blog entry with a bunch of pics of the (mostly) finished product. it's pretty cool.......

I got to see a copy when Jordan and Justine were kind enough to put me up for a night and give me a tour of the Chance Press manufacturing facilities on the trip north. The photos don't entirely do them justice... a beautiful production.

last round of pictures just went up online here. only thing missing now is the mylar dustjacket, which doesn't photograph well anyway. i have to say... i'm proud of what justine and i have done here. not really the time to pat myself on the back, but carol's art pushed us to a level i didn't think we would reach when we started chance press, and we've just been trying and trying and trying for months to come up with a way to do it justice, and i really feel like we succeeded. especially with the deluxe edition (which is really just an edition of the main book plus a separate portfolio), which came together fairly quickly but is really the icing on the cake.

I don't use the word lovely in every day parlance but seems the right word here. I do believe I'll have to take one of these off your hands if you don't mind.
I suppose I'm biased, but you two really have outdone yourselves, and the pictures on your site are amazing. This has to rank up among the most interesting artist's books I've ever seen. Chance Press dynamite dropped on an unsuspecting world.
that paper is totally bizarre - in person, it really looks like a cloudy sky, the colours are just right.

also: jordan keeps adding my name in because he is a perfect gentleman, but really this is his baby and i have just provided a few bits of advice and some manual labour.
Whoever coined the phrase "it's better to give than receive" is full of shit. Might work for a pugilist, I suppose. Book arrived today and the scans don't do justice to it at all. Have to figure out how best to display this wonderful piece. Thanks J&J and Carol.
Mine arrived when I got home late last night (we are expecting up to a foot of snow and we had to leave NY early.) What a great surprise ON XMAS! Really an amazing book and yes, the photos do not do this beauty justice. Really an amazing book. Congrats to all involved in this amazing release!

I am so happy people are liking this book! It really makes my holidays and my life really. J & J really know how to do it up, I'll tell ya! Didn't they do a fantastic job? I was just as blown away myself when I saw it. I was NOT expecting what I saw either. I could hardly believe it was my art in this amazing book. They are truly gifted book artists.
My initial post is probably an injustice, also. I believe I was caught off guard with how delighted I was with what I received. A "wonderful piece" implies one thing when in fact what I received was a treasure chest. Like it? Love it! You might have played some small part in that. :D Justine, too. I suspect she often sent Jordan out for coffee so she could get her work done.
no, this was definitely all jordan's work. i would love to be able to take credit for it but all i did was suggest hemming the edges of the book cloth where the spine slides in so it would look tidier, and i sewed up all the sketch books. jordan asked for my editorial opinion of everything, but it was pretty much his baby.
well, almost 1 year later, i have finished all of these books. it's strange not to have something by carol to work on, given that i have been occupied by her work for almost half the time that chance press has even existed. sure, we came out with other projects in between, but when those were finished, there was always more 'scribbles' to work on. and now... the remaining copies are sitting on my shelf, all done.

for those that are interested - from the original edition of 16 (plus 4 long sold-out special editions), there are 6 remaining. you buy now.
I know this isn't related to Ms E's book, but I saw Joan Jobe Smith and Fred Voss read in London a couple of weeks and Ms Smith was reading from her Chance Press book. Peering through her large black sunglasses, she had some nice things to say about the book. She also told some Bukowski tales, but they're nothing to do with Chance Press...

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