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So, this is another book that we haven't formally announced before, although we've technically had it for sale since September. Is this any way to run a small press?

Anyway, this is a stand-alone sketchbook of Carol's that we published. It is the very same as the one included in Scribbles in a Sandstorm, presented here as a sort of "trade edition" since we figured - as long as we went to the trouble of designing the book - we might as well print a bunch of extras and sell them by themselves. You know - to make more money.

Here's a link to the book's page on our blog.
And of course, you can order it, as well as any of our other publications, in our beautiful online boutique.

Sigh of relief. I first saw this new thread and thought "Goddamn!! don't these people from the likes of Chance Press and Bottle of Smoke ever sleep?!" Ahem. For those that didn't pick up the deluxe I'd recommend this one.

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