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So hoochmonkey said he was out of town and offline this weekend. I thought it would only be helpful to make a list of the things he missed while he was away. Here (to the best of my recollection) is what happened:

Chancepress announced that "The Confusion Will Be Enough For Them To Leave You Alone" will be printed on 8-1/2 x 11" bright white HammerMill. Shipping is extra and there are no deluxe editions. The new business strategy is being described as "Fuck You - We're Only In It For The Money."

Bukfan immediately sued C/P for infringing upon a Frank Zappa album title.

MJP experienced a religious awakening and declared rational thought and logical deduction to be the tools of Air America and The New York Times.
He is only continuing bukdotnet until he can sell his reggae albums and retreat into a fortified bunker with Lou Dobbs.

GHK Love was arrested in a scandalous incident involving dogs. Authorities, armed with search warrants, raided his residence on Saturday to discover a shocking horror. "I've been an Animal Control Officer for 17 years, but this was too much" said an unidentified officer. Police reports indicate the presence of cameras - with doggy sweaters, chew-toys, comfy pillows and children's furniture serving as backdrop to a large-scale underground "Happy Family Christmas Photo " ring. "It's almost as bad as Michael Vick", said the officer. "Except it's really not."

Did I miss anything ?
It's probably best not to tell him that we gave Jesse Lee his moderator spot...
mjp and Lou Dobbs make a handsome couple. their babies will be beautiful.
Slimedog had his sarcasm gland removed. The doctors also straightened out his twisted sense of humor and ironed it perfectly flat. He is now a member of the Amish community, and works in their Uncomfortable Clothing division.
Did I miss anything ?

No, I think that's the crux of the biscuit.
- We'll have to write GHK Love some letters until he's released for that "scandalous incident involving dogs"...:D
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Okay so.....As you all know, I am new here. As the days go on my smile grows. How refreshing it is to see an actual sense of humor from time to time.
Push on boys,
Push on!
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