When was the last time you were drunk (1 Viewer)

and how did it occur?

This thread is dedicated to the fact that I am sitting alone in front of my laptop drinking beer, and as thus want to know what my fellow poets, writers, critics, people from around the world think of this fine subject.

At the moment I am drinking a Norwegian beer called Herlige Lervig. It is tasty. Previlously tonight I have, I admit, drank quite a few Heinekens and also an odd cider.

So, how about you guys?
people ask me why i get drunk all the time, levels my head and eases my mind

Yay for people equal to or ahead of GMT. I will be for another 7 days or so. Back in the good ol' USA by May 26.
For right now, though, I've been drinking a variety of beers I usually don't find in the states: Newcastle Brown Ale, John Smith's Ale, Belhaven Best, Caffrey's, and of course, Guinness on tap while I can still have it. MmmmmmMMMmmmmm.
Cheers, for now,

@ Uni of St Andrews, Scotland
Thursday night after the England game to the point of not being able to see.
And now add Saturday evening to that as well...(at least later when it is Saturday Evening that is)
August 1988---the end of my Bukowski-inspired port wine phase.
The cheap Gallo port was causing a ticking in the back of my head about an hour into each bottle.

Have not missed booze for one single second.

Prefer the bud.
Respect to you for that mate.
Like th grog a little to much to go without meself:)
As for the herb,makes me paranoid unfortunatley,never used to but not been able to smoke it now for about 10 years,which is a shame as I really like it :D
I'm a Homegrown boy, so if it's grown home, then count me in :D

all right with me.
is the way it should be.
is a good thing.
Plant that bell
and let it ring.

I know it sounds dumb on paper, but add a couple of distorted guitars to a gloriously sloppy rhythm and then you have a true home-grass anthem!
Hehe, I actually cannot remember writing that post. First saw it now. Either that says something about me having alzheimers at the age of 25, or it says something about how drunk I was at the time of posting. You guys decide...
For me it was last Thursday night. I played a poorly attended gig at a coffehouse/bar where not many listened and even fewer cared. Several beers later, it didn't matter.
At the Mississippi Pizza SPORK magazine reading in Portland a couple weeks ago. I only had one beer before I read, was fine, then a second one afterwards, nursed to some good swing jazz. I didn't think I was buzzed until I saw a photo taken by my daughter. Man, I look like I'm about to fall out of the chair. Happy, not sloppy, but definitely not sober at that point. Two's my limit these days. More than that and it gets very dark in my world.
Hehehe. Great stuff. You can't see? Man, that's even more drunk than I get. And that's saying alot these days. Got shitfaced yesterday. Lost a couple of friends. So now, now I got alcohol, and that's about it.
I think the Vodka Seven was a frequent bar room tipple - at least it features in many of his stories:

Vodka Seven
  • 2 ounces Vodka
  • 1 tablespoon Lime
  • 4 ounces Lemon Lime Soda (7-Up)
Stir in a highball glass and fill with soda. Garnish with a twist of lime.
I live in Saudi Arabia where alcohol is banned. There is home brew (known as sid here) but I don't like it so it's no booze for me 10 months of the year. On holidays of course I enjoy myself.
For those who wish...

...to trod the path less taken:

The best of both worlds.jpg

yes i must admit i've had many vodka 7's because of bukowski

my drink of choice at home is moritz beer which is from barcelona. that and vino tinto. when i go out i usually go for cuba libres, which is rum and coke, or just straight rum the mixed drinks aren't very good here anyway
Saturday. I drank fifteen bottles of Ringnes, the best Norwegian mainstream beer, as the girl I somehow seem to have fell in love with turned 21.
I gave her Mockingbird Wish Me Luck, then a few hours later she rejected me for some half assed (I'm not bitter, not at all :) english musician which at Sunday made me feel a whole lot better than on Friday.
Yesterday being Turkey Day with dinner at 1 in the afternoon. I began on the wine at noon, as did our hostess. The men sipped beer slow, watching football (AND the toddlers) while she and I ended up literally under the dining room table talking about our punk rock days and trying desperatly(me anyway) not to drunkenly kiss her on the mouth). I'ts now 7 a.m. the day after and I just downed my One-A-Day ladies vitamin, along with my Prozac and my calcium pill with a small juice glass of pinot noir.
Fuck me, huh?
(Seriously If someone fucked me, most likely I'd be drinking less, but this buzz is good too and doesnt require sweating, which I loathe.)
Joe Strummer said, "Punk rock isn't something you grow out of, Punk rock is like the Mafia, and once you're made, you're made." You would seem to be living proof of that, hannah. ;)
Thanks, mjp....i think! lol
My old OLD punk friends used to say, 'Dont worry about Hannah, getting all married and taking out the nose rings and shit; working for an insurance company...she is 'subverting from within' they would say, and damn if i didnt feel obligated to do so, occassionally wiping my ass with important documents, setting people up to clash in a playful and totally anonmous way.
now i just drink wine, raise a toddler, write bad poems, and collect snakes.
and now i tell me child the truth as i know it about christians, politics and the uselessness of a formal education, at least on my part.
i'm guessing she will love or hate me by the time she's 14, and i'll be back at a cramps concert in a walker, still enjoying the novelty of being drunk.

i really havent changed all that much. all my clothes still come from goodwill.
I'm an old punk. I now write about new Boston punk bands in a local music paper.

Lotsa drinking the last two days. Yesterday afternoon it was 3 Mimosas, a Black Russian and two beers, later that night a jagermeister and 3 beers. Feel fine today.
Last time drunk: probably on the 15th Nov. as I entered my fourth decade in this world. Oh wait, then I was drunk too on the 23rd, when my recent ex celebrated the same birthday too, and we talked on the phone.

What's there to celebrate anyway?

Probably will get wasted on a blonde Russian's 20th birthday next Monday. She told me she'll have weed...

'Tilt the bottle into the night'
i'm about to drink a chamberlain ale made by shipyard brewing co., in portland, maine. sitting in the school library, at the computer terminal, not really giving a shit and waiting to get inspired to do my sociology homework. ah screw that. well, last time i was drunk would've been this morning, when i woke up, since then i've had a steady, very slight buzz that i've managed to somehow keep going, though i'm down to about a dollar and ten cent to my name- should get more by payday though. huh, well, i spose then, now.
err, what i mean is, the last time i was drunk was sortof---in a little while.

but riproaring drunk? must've been a few days ago, haven't had more than 15 or 20 beers a night for the last few. but thursday night i had about a half gallon of vodka and that did me in right well. i wrote alot that night. i can read about a quarter of it. hah.

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