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Bukowski ever mention one of these?

Not to my knowledge.
He would use many different systems through the years. Some of which, he has explained. They all depend a lot on his personal thoughts and I wouldn't think, he'd let a machine tell him, what to do.

As far as I know, he also doesn't mention these as being used by others.
It's a pretty decent show, and I really have to give history channel some praise, because I don't have a tv and they put all new episodes of their shows up the next day on their website. That is pretty convenient
If everybody used a horse race machine, provided it works, picking the winners, the odds would be very small and hardly worth the bother.
Hardcore Pawn is much better.
Both are good for very different reasons.

Though Hardcore tends to wallow a bit too much in conflict. It can wear on you and leave you ultimately depressed, like a lot of "accident scene" reality TV shows. All that screaming and attitude is just human misery with a loud voice. It's painful to see sometimes.
yes, and I do feel guilty watching it. They (the show more than the store) make money off exploiting desperately poor people, so although I am addicted to it, it is not far off from watching "Bum Fights" in its exploitation of the powerless.
we Europeans don't know either of these shows.
But that 'Hardcore'-thing pretty much sounds like the German 'Nachmittags-Talkshows'.
Can't get into Hardcore Pawn, too much anger. I like Pawn Stars cause they actually discuss the history of the objects which is usually pretty interesting.

I wonder if the Pawn Stars people would buy a rare signed buk book or art
we Europeans don't know either of these shows.
But that 'Hardcore'-thing pretty much sounds like the German 'Nachmittags-Talkshows'.

No, we don't, Roni, but both shows are on Youtube if you want to have a look. It's about pawn shops and the people who pawn their stuff in order to get some money here and now. Over here we don't have pawn shops anymore. We used to have some, which were run by the state, but they closed them down some years ago because fewer and fewer people used them. Not everybody liked that, since it was an easy way to get hold of some money, provided you owned something worth pawning, of course.
You have pawn shops in Germany?
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Rick on Pawn Stars would probably know who Bukowski is. He's an intellectual in disguise as a good old boy. Even Chumlee knows more than he lets on. Sometimes though, they'll buy something I just know is a fake or repro, and sure enough they get burned.

What's addictive to me are the hoarder shows. I always throw something out after watching an episode of that stuff.

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