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This is a very interesting thread as i have recently stopped drinking after years of drinking pretty much everyday, to the point where going to the pub I could never get pissed, I'd have to hide a hip flask. I would sometimes come into work the next day still pissed from the night before, most people didn't notice.

I have often wondered if I'm damaging my health as I've been drinking vodka all this time and not in moderation. I've never really cared about dying so that never stopped me. The reason I stopped was I got a pretty bad kidney infection a few weeks ago and when I tried to drink it just hurt more so under protest I stopped in the interests of a pain free time. I didn't sleep for days, my mind would not stop. I was so bored out of my skull I tried other things to numb my brain and now, after two weeks of not drinking I think I'm fine. I'm going out this weekend and will have a good few vodka's and I'm really looking forward to it.

It is definitely easy to drink to excess 7 days a week even if you are a woman. It's also fairly easy to hold down a job when you have a hangover every morning or are just exhausted cause you are so tired but it's not pleasant.

I had forgotten what it felt like not to feel rough, I had forgotten how quick my brain was!

I hope I can keep this up as it's saving me a fortune and I'm in a much better mood! I thought I was an alcoholic but I was mistaken it seems!
My answer to this, and many more wonderous admissions can all be yours right Here!

Short answer, I haven't not had a drink every day since I was 21. I'm now 40 and still truckin'.
Roughly 4-5 days a week. Sometimes every day. I recently took a week off, broke that sobriety the other night. And I drink to get loaded. I rarely go moderate on anything in life. That can be seen as a positive or negative depending on the situation.

It is probably too often. But as I see it its more of a product of being in a shitty life situation. I never used to use it as medication until I started working my current dead end job at a casino. That job is going to kill me. Its the same story for so many people. Thats the suck of it, yeah it sucks personally but it really bothers me that its so common place to be in that situation and no one seems to want to examine it. Maybe thats why I like Buk's work. I feel like I found someone who understands. Someone who sees the cage we live in and isn't afraid to describe the bars (thats an unintentional pun, but I'll take credit).
I see it its more of a product of being in a shitty life situation.

I agree with you.

Rat Park was an experiment conducted by Bruce
Alexander, a psychologist who recently retired after
thirty-five years at Simon Fraser University in
British Columbia.

The experiment built an Eden for rats. Rat Park
was a plywood enclosure the size of 200 standard
cages. There were cedar shavings, boxes, tin cans
for hiding and nesting, poles for climbing, and
plenty of food. Most important, because rats live in
colonies, Rat Park housed sixteen to twenty
animals of both sexes.

Rats in Rat Park and control animals in standard
laboratory cages had access to two water bottles,
one filled with plain water and the other with
morphine-laced water. The denizens of Rat Park
overwhelmingly preferred plain water to morphine
(the test produced statistical confidence levels of
over 99.9 percent). Even when Alexander tried to
seduce his rats by sweetening the morphine, the
ones in Rat Park drank far less than the ones in
cages. Only when he added naloxone, which
eliminates morphine's narcotic effects, did the rats
in Rat Park start drinking from the
water-sugar-morphine bottle. They wanted the
sweet water, but not if it made them high.

In a variation he calls "Kicking the Habit,"
Alexander gave rats in both environments nothing
but morphine-laced water for fifty-seven days, until
they were physically dependent on the drug. But as
soon as they had a choice between plain water and
morphine, the animals in Rat Park switched to plain
water more often than the caged rats did,
voluntarily putting themselves through the
discomfort of withdrawal to do so.

Rat Park showed that a rat's environment, not the
availability of drugs, leads to dependence. In a
normal setting, a narcotic is an impediment to what
rats typically do: fight, play, forage, mate. But a
caged rat can't do those things. It's no surprise that
a distressed animal with access to narcotics would
use them to seek relief.

Rat Park.
For what it's worth.

- -
Father Luke
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But I guess the only honest answer I can give to that is : Whenever the spirit moves me....

Thankfully, the spirit has never moved me every single day
or more than once a week,
or into a DUI
or an employment termination
or the perfect girlfriend
because those would be tragedies.

(snare hit).

I survive by common sense
like most everything else society proposes.
I'm starting to think I drink too much too often. I ended up in an ER somewhere in downtown Atlanta 2 days ago thanks to my habit. Passed out at the Braves / Mets game and they couldn't wake me up for a few hours. On second thought, maybe I should cut down on the baseball. . .

I hear the Braves won.
I agree with you.

Rat Park was an experiment conducted by Bruce
Alexander, a psychologist who recently retired after
thirty-five years at Simon Fraser University in
British Columbia.

Holy dog shit I thought I was the only other person who had heard of Rat Park! Papa Luke with the science assist. Yeah as soon as I read about Rat Park, my hunch seemed valid. Now I see so many true examples of it in real life.
That red button needs to be put in there with the smiley faces and frowns. Especially for slimedog, chronic, number6 and most of the rest.

Back to topic: I must live in a bad cage cause I don't want to quit drinking.

thank you Father Luke ;)

We all live in the bad cage. It's called life.

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Seemed fitting somehow . . . I dunn'o

I used to drink everyday. At least a beer. I was still able to maintain my technical career. The weekends and the happy hours are bad though. I hate going through infinite drinking sessions. What is infinite amount of drinking? probably 6-7 beers and a couple of hard drinks. That is insane. I could only do that 1-2 times a week.
i drink around 6-8 times a month. i almost never have more than 5 drinks in a night- maybe a few times a year. the last time i was really really drunk was the week after my birthday, which was 6 months ago.
What is infinite amount of drinking? probably 6-7 beers and a couple of hard drinks. That is insane.
Well then I used to be insane. If you drink a lot, a six pack and a couple shots every night is not excessive. It ain't good for you, and I don't recommend it, but you can certainly do it for a long time and come out fine (or so it would seem so far) on the other end.
I got sick recently, from drinking I'd assume...felt like I had pneumonia for a week or so. That slowed me down for a bit. But then, the Angels reappear, so, Papi heads to the package store again. It's a bad habit, but I'm a dope fiend, and that's that.

If I had options, I'd take them.

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