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his name is tao ch'ien and he is an old chinese poet who was alive around 400 AD. he inspired such poets as li po and wang wei. here is a poem by him that i love and that reminds me of ol bukowski. tell me what you guys think of this guy...

Form Addresses Shadow
by tao ch'ien

heaven and earth last. they'll never end.
mountains and rivers know no seasons,

and there's a timeless law plants and trees
follow: frost then dew, vigor then ruin.

they call us earths most devine and wise
things, but we alone are never as we are

again. one momoent we appear in this world,
and the next, we vanish, never to return.

and who notices one person less? family?
friends? they only remember when some

everyday little thing you've left behind
pushes grief up to their eyes in tears.

i'm no immortal. i cant soar away
beyond change. there's no doubt about it,

death is death. once you see that, you'll
see that turning down drinks is for fouls.

oh shit...ol chien. love that guy. turning down drinks is for fools. death is death. best. tell me what you think of this guy. i think bukowski would have been gah gah for him.
Awkwardly typed translation (lots of typos in there unless you're an ESL) but otherwise, yeah, I see why you would connect this bit of wry wisdom to Bukowski.

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