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I'd Rather Be Reading Bukowski bumper sticker (1 Viewer)

Hi all,
For years, we (Avol's bookstore in Madison, WI) have been selling a "I'd Rather Be Reading Bukowski" bumper sticker. Today I googled the phrase, and found out that many blogs mention having seen it all around the world. So... we created a product page for it on Amazon. Just search "bukowski bumper sticker" on Amazon. Price $1. Shipping- way too much ($4.50?), but Amazon sets the shipping costs- we can't change them. For now, we're only taking orders through Amazon.
Thanks much,

No idea, I saw that one on ebay, actually. Drop HC/Ecco a line, I'm sure they can set you up with some.
I have to admit, the Ecco one is pretty cool. It doesn't seem to be on their website though. It probably was produced as swag for a trade show. I just made a "three pack" option for ours on Amazon. The shipping should still be about $4.50, which makes for a better deal.
Bukowski's friend Red Stodolsky (Baroque Books) had some of these stickers made back in the 80s (or 70s?)...
Sorry to resurrect this ancient thread, but I have a vague ememory of my old pal, Leo Mailman (small press editor of NAUSEA mag and published some Buk) having printed up maybe the first I'D RATHER BE READING BUKOWSKI stickers, back in the early 1970s. Not too sure about the date; it could be as late as the early 80s, but as far as I know, it was the first. Maybe he got the idea from someone else -- I don't know.

I was printing them with Bukowski's father when we worked together at the museum in the 1940's. We used an old Gutenberg press that was on display. Had to sneak in at night to make them, and hand paste the back of the stickers with horse glue.

Actually you couln't sneak in to the museum, we had to go into the lavatory right before closing and sit on the toilets with our feet up on the seats so the night janitor, Fante, wouldn't see us. Bukowski used to whine when we finally got out, "My legs! They're all tingly! I can't go on!" I had to slap him, all three stooges like, to snap him out of it. Then we'd go print.

The bumper stickers were bigger than these puny things they make today. Bumpers were BUMPERS back in those days.
Jesus, mjp. You ought to write a novel about being a night guard at the L.A. County Art Museum. You and Bukowski's father. It would sell a million copies. You'd be on Oprah. Then she'd whip you like a mangy dog when she discovered you made it all up.

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