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On this day of peace and rebirth, I offer you Ambreen, the olive branch of peace,(is that the correct branch to offer?)
I took my time to re-read your posts and consider your thoughts and valuable opinions. I went out & ate Mexican food in celebration of my neighbors to the South(?) and their unending devotion to the resurrected Christ. As I swallowed that last bite of burritto(sp?) I thought, WOW! Ambreen is right! I have no humour,(that's my Daddy's fault), I really sould make a better effort at being derisive, and my spelling skills are atroshious.
I feel awful about using the 'F' word, especially in conjuction with 'nuts', and I realize, that when you get right down to it, all Men- really should just die.

Dear Ambreen, on this, one of the Holiest(sp?) of days, I ask for your forgivness. I promise, that tommorow during Easter dinner I will berate my husband while cranking Iron Maiden jams,(my Gammy will LOVE it!). As soon as the meal is finished & my husband has finished cleaning up the kitchen, I will head up stairs and practice my spelling. Austin vs. Austen!:eek: Shame on me. As an American I sometimes find it difficult to get Texas out of my mind.

And to All the rest of you 'just a forum' folks, I really am sorry(sp?) for any mess I've made. Happy Spring Guys & Gals. CRB:)


Sordide Sentimental
Your words are full of irony but you admit you reacted excessively by calling me "fucking nuts". That's what I hoped, thanks.
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