President Obama Gay Marriage: 'Gay Couples Should Be Able to Get Married' (1 Viewer)

Yeah, Joe Biden forced him into saying that he did, although he always did, but had to leave it open to debate to not lose votes by christian democrats in the south...

These are the same voters that watched Rosie O'Donnell and loved her until they found out that she was gay, which EVERYONE except them knew long ago...
It's a moot point since 30 of the 50 states have laws against it, and it's a state issue, not a federal one. It doesn't matter what Obama believes or says. Why anyone would give a shit about the "issue" (let alone enough to pass a law against it) is beyond me, but then most of what people believe is beyond me, so.

Obama, the great Hope! What a typical bundle of moldy political shit sticks he turned out to be. And we have to watch him make these toothless proclamations for another 4 1/2 years. It's like a bad joke. But then they all are.

Me, I'm voting for the first trans-woman for president. Some gal named Hines up in Nova Scotia. I like her moxie, and she's got balls. We'll have to amend the constitution to allow Canadians to be president, but that should be easy. We'll slip it through Congress while those cocksuckers argue about who should get married.
Federal law trumps state law. Many southern states still have jim crow laws that are not enforced, and are not enforceable. Texas still has a sodomy law that they cannot enforce because of the federal supreme court. True, Obama just saying this does nothing, but as soon as the supreme court finds that the state laws against gay marriage are unconstitutional, it will not matter a bit that they have laws or constitutional amendments prohibiting it, just like they cannot enforce a law making inter-racial marriage illegal.

As conservative as the Supreme court is they may actually find gay marriage bans unconstitutional. If not, it'll be a while. Even if the liberals have the votes, John Roberts is the one who decides what cases to hear, so unless he wants to hear a case that he knows will turn out against his views, he will not allow it to be heard. He is young enough that this could drag on for decades.
Me, I'm voting for the first trans-woman for president. Some gal named Hines up in Nova Scotia. I like her moxie, and she's got balls. We'll have to amend the constitution to allow Canadians to be president, but that should be easy. We'll slip it through Congress while those cocksuckers argue about who should get married.

Well, we certainly wouldn't have to worry about prohibition.
Why would you want something which has become so meaningless and expensive (marriage I'm talking about, not John Travolta)? It's like capitalism, all these developing countries have seen how fat, mental, and unhappy the West have become (see Travolta) yet they still put on their Mickey Mouse hats and shout 'gimme, gimme, gimme' (see Travolta vs Texan Masseuse).

Meanwhile in Europe...the french have voted in a socialist, the greeks have voted in everyone (including a 7.5% vote for a neo-nazi group) and here in england we no longer give a shit about anyone except the immigrants who keep taking up all the shit jobs no one wanted before they were filled by an eastern-european.

I vote we all move to China where there are more jobs than people and they don't pretend that you have a choice about anything.
the thing about marriage is that it's not just a bit of paper, or two people declaring their love - it's a legal document that grants the possessors a whole host of privileges the unmarried do not have. consider a gay couple (together for 20+ years), one of whom has been in a serious car accident and now lies in coma, brain dead with no chance of ever waking up. his life partner will have no say in whether or not his life support is switched off, and if he hasn't left instructions regarding his death, such as funeral arrangements or organ donation, his partner will have no say over those things either. or what about a gay couple who meets online and who live across the world from each other? it's pretty difficult to immigrate to the US unless you can get married. sure, there are ways around these things, and a gay couple could always move to a state that does support gay marriage, but the point is that this shouldn't even require thinking about it: they should just be able to get fucking married wherever the fuck they want.
Electioneering? Shirley not.
Anyway, I don't believe in marriage (and neither, luckily, does my good lady) but I do believe people should have the right to do waste loads of money on that sort of shit if they want to. We have a funny situation in the UK where gay marriage isn't legal but 'civil partnerships' are. I suppose it the typical sort of 'try to please everyone' cop out that you often get with these things.
Hopefully my son won't believe in marriage (or civil partnership or whatever) when he's older because, to me, the whole shebang is just one massive rip-off (well, several massive rip-offs actually). My mate paid 20-fucking grand (British Pounds) for his wedding, which is 'average' apparently. Jesus wept.
He was so stressed about the 'big day' that he didn't even enjoy it (I did, but there you go).
i don't believe in marriage either. has anyone ever SEEN marriage? sure it leaves a buck under your pillow after you lose a tooth, but how do you know that's marriage and not just your parents playing pretend? i try to keep an open mind about marriage - if i ever get definitive proof that it's real, i'll start believing in it, but until then, i'm on the fence.
This just from Delaware's Attorney General, Beau Biden.

This is a form letter. I have never met the AG.


I was incredibly proud when my father and the President voiced their support for marriage equality in America earlier this week.

Allowing same-sex couples to marry isn't a question of gay or straight, and it's not a question of ideology -- it's a fundamental question of civil rights and equity.

Yesterday, I visited MSNBC's Morning Joe to discuss marriage discrimination, and if you have a minute, you should watch the conversation.
You heard my dad say it -- marriage discrimination boils down to the government telling people who and how to love. Denying same-sex couples the rights and responsibilities guaranteed by law through marriage is fundamentally wrong.

President Obama's support of same-sex marriage was an immensely moving moment for America. I am hopeful that, as a nation, we can seize upon this opportunity and give same-sex couples the equality they deserve.

If you'd like to hear more, click here to watch my interview.

Thank you.


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