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Here's a pic of Fire Station with a great inscription in the month of publication to Noel Young, the publisher. The first pic is the broadside mentioned in the Broadsides and Krumhansl thread.

fire station 1.jpg fire station 2.jpg fire station.jpg
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Gerard K H Love said:
Who is Noel Young?

From Wikipedia:

Capra Press was a Santa Barbara, California-based independent publishing house with a significant national reputation for producing works by authors such as Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Raymond Carver, Ray Bradbury, Gretel Ehrlich, Ursula K. Le Guin, Lawrence Clark Powell, Charles Bukowski, Michael Petracca, Barry Gifford, José Antonio Burciaga, and Ross Macdonald.

Noel Young, a former commercial printer, founded the press in 1969 with a volume of poetry, "Wilderness," by Gordon Grant. Previous to this time, Young had been producing volumes under the imprint of Noel Young Editions and Capricorn Press. Before his death in 2002 at the age of 79, Young published over three hundred titles with the Capra imprint. In the last years of operation, as Young's health failed, Joshua Odell took over editorial duties at Capra.
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Something seems outta whack with that entry (shock); Fire Station was published in 1970 by Capricorn. The Wikipedia entry seems to imply that Capra Press superceded Noel Young Editions and Capricorn as of 1969. But that's nit-picky on my part, really.


I never saw a copy with that red tissue jacket. I imagine few have survived. And that's a killer inscription. Never heard of that broadside, either. I'm amazed.

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