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Or so I've been told. . .

Sheet. I almost didn't even see this thread. I logged in, said something about Krumhansl, and left for eBay. Only came back because I had a moment. Nice cake, Father Luke. Send me a slice by PM. Thanks everyone. You're the best.
Happy Birthday! You are only 60 once. You probably still feel like a little kid inside.

My little dog is a "barker". So is his bitch. Happy Birthday from the dogs.
Amazing. 2 people at work said happy birthjday, and I've been there, at the same job, for 26 years. Who said the Internet isn't real life? I know where my friends are: swimming in electrons. Yes, I do want some of that ice cream to go with the cake. The coffee is brewing. Seconds are encouraged. Too full for beer tonight.
swimming in erections?
o, I read that wrong. swimming in electrons. that's better.
David, Happy Birthday!

The card and check are in the mail.

Hope the check is inside the card (can't trust those postal employees, especially that Chinaski guy) and that you added enough zeroes.

And thanks to all for the great birthday wishes. You make becoming 60 almost fun. Well, it was entirely fun, now that I think of it.
That's a frightening thought: comparing where I am in life to where Bukowski (a person who admitted he had no ambition) was at the same age. Best not go down that path. I chose a different road ... four kids, steady job, credit card debt, etc. At 70 I may be too busy hussling eBay to make the food and gas money to write anything. Or, my "Stew" will consist of 12 tiny poems in a mini-chapbook. But what the hell.
Thanks for saying that. And then there are all the words on those pages no one has seen because I haven't had the time to type them up and send them out. Five or six novels, a bunch of poems and stories, some of it possibly worth reading. Maybe after I retire, if I'm not preoccupied with sheer survival, I'll get some of that stuff out.

Get me that ms in 2018 and I'll publish it as a mini chapbook!

You're on. As busy as I am, I should be able to assemble a dozen or so good short poems in the next ten years.

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