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Been reading Bukowski for a few months (one of the newly initiated...); discovered him inadvertently through Henry Miller - a reference to Tanasaki's 'Diary Of A Mad Old Man' somehow got construed - with the help of Google - into 'Notes Of A Dirty Old Man' - and it all fell like sequentially laid dominoes from there - you know, with this kind of harried, plain-spoken voice that seemed to lament the things I writhed against in my adolescent melancholy and general pissed-off attitude with people and their crippling, towering, base unintelligence that beats you down and then with mirth lifts you back up again - if you appreciate the absurd that is.

I've read one mere poetry collection and have trawled through some notable poems online; 'urrrh, I slithered in and out of the 'Chinaski Saga' and completed it a few days ago; also carried myself through a couple short story collections.

This forum is kind of absurd and filled with vaguely intelligent people - so I thought why the fuck not?

I dunn'o, I seldom have anything to say and have taken the scribblings of Lao-Tze to heart; unless what you have to say is profound - don't say it. And all of my sincerity and gamble and sparkle is consigned to shreds of my own personal writing - everything else is hot air which I repudiate.

So yeh, in my day-to-day life all I ever encounter is this rambling triviality; the works of Bukowski -among others - just speak - of and from the gut and heart. Anyone who appreciates that is worthy of conversation - I suppose - as I spend my time letting inconsequential words fall out of my mouth to the ears of uncomprehending dullards.

Á propros - to provoke you all, I mean, I like to be a little inflammatory - the Henry Miller of the Tropics and Black Spring is a fuck load more powerful than the Charles Bukowski of any of this works from any period. Just thought I'd drop the A-bomb.

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