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I like Sex on Fire. The rest of the album... well, let's not go there. Let's just say I'm glad I don't pay for much music these days...
Sheeeee's back!

I must say, my mother got me into Kings. I was in her car with her one day and we were listening to the radio... Sex on Fire came on and she's telling me how much she loves the song, who it's by, etc. It grew on me within two or three days. Then she tells me she wants me to make her a mixed CD of all their stuff. So I did, and now everytime I drive with her we listen to it, and it's seriously the best new music I've heard in years. They remind me somewhat of Rose Hill Drive, only better. They got some M. Ward-ish/led zep sound. On some songs I even hear some Marley. It's great, my ears are pleased.
While we work on buk scene 2, on paintings and on other projects
we listen to an "alternative pop music" radio station called kinkfm.

The last weeks or months they play a new song of Kings of leon
3, 4 or 5 times a day.
We want to run away or put the sound off, we feel totally powerless.
mjp, help us out, PLEASE. We consider you as a wise man you know.
The music itself is not great but ok, that voice, the voice of the singer,
unbearable, UNBEARABLE!

[This video is unavailable.]
mjp, help us out, PLEASE. We consider you as a wise man you know.
The music itself is not great but ok, that voice, the voice of the singer,
unbearable, UNBEARABLE!
Hey, I tried. Sadly, nothing can kill KINGS OF LEON. They are like space age nuclear cockroaches or something.
Kings of Leon? For a while there I thought you were talking about Fountains of Wayne. I've got a CD by FoW somewhere that should go to the charity shop. This review from the Georgia Straight simplifies KoL for me. Sex for the suburbs. Like Bon Jovi from years back.

Heard on the radio that the brothers Gallagher have split Oasis up again. The station played a song by them that I barely recognized. "Look Back in Anger (Don't)" or something. I prefer by the brothers Trogg.
Kings of Leon are actually growing on me. I had them pegged in the Killers/Strokes category for awhile but I think they're breaking out of that. They're really coming into their own and while they'll never be a kick-ass type rock and roll band, I can't think of another band out there right now who's better.

What? Killers/Strokes category like that's a bad thing? I think both the Killers and Strokes far outshine anything Kings Of Leon will ever be capable of doing... But to your point of not another band out there who's better....

Try the dead weather.
Ahh yes...The Kings of Leon! I used to like them untill I had an emotionally scaring experience at this low rent, white trash, redneck tavern I used to work at.

I remember it like it were yesterday............8:00p.m.......I was standing at the front door of the tavern, reluctent to enter. Sweet Home Alabama droning on the other side, bar patrons chanting along with the tune as if they were paid back up singers. I took a deep breath and entered. "If I hear Sweet Home Alabama 1 more time i'm gonna craw into the fetal position and pray for death" I said to myself........

10:00p.m.....The locals are out! Undercover closet fag getting a hand job under the bar by 50-60 ish toothless, obese, proud mullet wearing beast. "Not again" I said to myself.......

12:30a.m.......The kings of leon; Sex on fire explodes the crowd into a frenzy of sexual tention. The smoke filled room became some sort of trailer park playground. The machine fueld by Mikes Hard Lemonaide and Bud Light. 40 ish, 6 foot ish, 250 pound ish "lady" pulls her Nascar t-shirt up to reveal the tinyist most oddly shaped tits I had ever seen. Her face and dental condition led me to think that she may be mentally challenged. She shook her Bud Light untill it was spraying from the bottle in true geiser fashion, all over herself. 60 ish 95 pound ish "lady" (who I initally thought was her sister) found too much joy in cleaning the hot mess from the scene. The whole crowd cheering and chanting them on as if we were in a hotel room filming our very first pornagraphic movie.

The worst part about the whole deal was that I still had 2 more whole hours to bear witness to this absurd obsinity.........I ate hot cheese balls to mask my horror.

So......I guess you could say that the Kings of Leon just remind me of a time that I could have gone my entire life without having.....but then....I would not have had this story to tell!
That's an emotionally scaring experience indeed, Jenny.
You make Bukowski's short stories look like high school scribbles!!!!
Im not a writer, I just know how to write....and read sometimes to!
Nothing special...Just a little know!

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