Oh my...there goes $239.99 (Beatles mono box) (1 Viewer)

If I remember correctly, the UK mono box was supposed to be 10,000 sets, but it sold out and they made "more." How many more, I've no idea. It was a bit of a boot to the groin only because I got in early and had the naive impression of getting something limited. Silly me. Maybe I'll just pick up Rubber Soul in the new format if they are still around.
For anyone who ever doubted that The Beatles were geniuses, they figured out how to squeeze yet more blood out of the turnip! And it's only $243.77 more than the CD box! Cue the spontaneous worldwide celebration!

The mono box on CD went from $239.99 at release to $159.19 today. Wonder if the new $402.96 mono box on vinyl
will also eventually sell at a 33% discount? Maybe not, since it's a limited edition.

Oh wait, they said the CD box was a limited edition too...

In all fairness, this is a different beast, since they are skipping the digital transfer, going pure "analog" and pressing vinyl. But without going down the analog vs. digital rabbit hole, it's still nothing more than yet another rehash of the same records. Not even in a different format this time (since you can seek out and buy the original mono LPs if that's what you want).

I suppose 15 years from now (or probably a lot sooner) they'll release the same records again on some really new format that we've never heard of. In a limited edition, naturally.

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