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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Purple Glow Press is proud to publish the Signed and Lettered Edition of
ONE MATCH LEFT by David Barker, written in 1987.
It has never been published before.

The story was inspired by The Matchbook from the Bukowski Wedding.
Hank & Linda Lee - August 18, 1985. Privately Printed, 1985.

The artwork and design by Jocelyne Desforges (Black Swan) are
also inspired by the original Wedding Matchbook.
All the 26 matchbook covers were hand painted with a watercolor wash
on acid free carton with an iridescent acrylic finish.

All the front covers are titled in a variety of Letraset fonts.
Not two covers are the same.

The Matchbook is housed in a golden envelope.
The envelope is lettered as well as the Matchbook.

(Old forum attachment ID is incorrect, see thumbnails.)

We are giving first choice of ONE MATCH LEFT to
the buknet members.
(Please remember that there are only 26 copies for sale.)

Ordering: $15 through PayPal: [email protected]
Free Shipping worldwide.

LETTERED-ONE MATCH LEFT.JPG bukmatchbook2a.jpg

Thank you for supporting Purple Glow Press.

J & J
You've got mail from me too! - Yes, they do look very beautiful! What a great idea to package David's story like a matchbook a la the wedding matchbook.
Congrats! Well done.
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Thanks to everyone for supporting Purple Glow Press.
We forgot to mention this actual size of the matchbook, it is 10cm by 15 cm.
There are 12 left.
And many thanks to David Barker for a very beautiful little story.
Wow. I just found this notice. Like I said elsewhere, I'm slow on the uptake. The covers are gorgeous in person. You'll love them. I'm very happy about this and I haven't even held the printed book yet. But I've held the covers. I took a few photos of them before they got the titles printed. I'll post those later. Thanks to J & J.
Arrived safely here.

Was it as difficult to get the golden envelope into the second envelope as it was to extract it? :D
Yes, I was very very very careful. I used a craft knife to slice open the top and the sides.
Hm, I haven't checked my mail for a couple days... but I'm across the pond AND across the country from hank_solo, so I may have to wait a few more days.
My copy arrived today, Wednesday. It's simply beautiful! What a great idea to package David's wedding matchbook story as an over sized matchbook. That's very original, I think. And it's a great little story! Thanks a lot, David, Jocelyne and Jan.
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So when there one match left, are you going to keep it, or use it to light firecrackers?

Thanks everyone for buying these up.
Got my copies - they are beautiful! The little card with "Hank and Linda Lee" and the date of the wedding is a nice surprise. Thanks again for this honor.
Thank you, Stavrogin. The story would still be buried in my files if Black Swan and Ponder hadn't asked to see it. I love the look and feel of this little book. It has a handmade charm.
My copy is sitting in the manager's office because the post office is too incompetent to deliver things correctly... But hopefully I'll get to pick it up today.
No Match Left!

Thank you all. A labour of love for sure.

Thank to BARKER for the story that inspired this fun project!

Please let us know when you have received the MB.
mine arrived today.
as well as the fine Moore-bookmark.
wonderful works of art!

I fear I could damage it, when I try to read it, so I didn't dare by now.
Maybe later I'll put my gloves on and work on it.
Thank you, Stavrogin. The story would still be buried in my files if Black Swan and Ponder hadn't asked to see it. I love the look and feel of this little book. It has a handmade charm.

Well, I'm pleased you dug it up. Don't be stingy with those files when Purple Glow comes a-calling again in the future.

Thanks Stavrogin!
I am surprised to see that it has taken so much time. Most of them were mailed the same day.

Swan, I'm of the belief that the post office hates my guts. It may have something to do with all those art books I order online and the herniated disks suffered in their delivery.

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