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Very nice letter to Bukowski


I really like this letter because it's one of the very few occasions where somebody -a professor in this case- expresses his admiration -and that of his students- for Bukowski's work WITHOUT ASKING ANYTHING IN RETURN. That is, a great, candid example of selfless admiration and praise.


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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
You could be him. You're English is perfect:)

But ok.

I like those "background" letters. I think it was yesterday or friday when I read The Linda's advice letter, another example.

You and I were at the same time in the USA when you did your research. Of course I was there for other reasons . The fourth week of september I flew back to Europe.
We still enjoy your small treasures.


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I'm glad you guys are "rescuing" old threads from the past. Just keep searching, there are plenty of gems to be unearthed.
Thanks for the post.

Great letter indeed!

I'm proud to say written by a prof at the very school I failed out of!
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Nice letter, but a professor of english should know it is Brett, not Brad Easton Ellis, huh?


SUNY remains ahead of the curve--as I believe they have a standing order for everything produced by Bill Roberts and BoSP!


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Great letter! It's nice to see how the students where moved by Ham On Rye.

Thanks, cirerita!
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SUNY remains ahead of the curve--as I believe they have a standing order for everything produced by Bill Roberts and BoSP!

Nope, they are a nice supporter of the small press and BoSP, but they buy one at a time and do not get everything. There is only one University that has a standing order for one of every edition that I put out and that is the University of Delaware Special Collections Dept. A real class outfit and The Vice President's Alma Mater...



Sorry for the misinformation folks--turns out I still don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Carry on then.
Very cool. My doctor is from Oneonta and is a big Buk fan. I wouldn't be surprised if he was one of the students. I'll be going up that way next month as I have family up around there. Maybe I'll ask around.


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"Thanks" for tricking me into reading this one more time.
Brad Easton Ellis?

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