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Anybody out there have a copy of the "my cats" broadside on hand? I am looking my copy of this one over and noticed a mis-print in the colophon. My copy prints the third line of the colophon as: on the occasion of the 36th Califorina [sic] instead of California.

Perhaps these were all mis-printed, can someone confirm their copy for me?

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Hmmm. There it is... Califorina... I never noticed that before.
Seems as though they are all misprinted.


Same here.... Wow. I have never noticed that either. Jason is on this forum, he can confirm, but I would bet that they are all like this.



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Interesting. This is the first that the typo has been brought to my attention. We did have some problems with the small letters in the Goudy Italic font being broken off by rough pieces in the hand-made paper (sugarcane paper from India). They would be switched out when caught, and if I recall none were taken out of the run, as all were printed by hand on a Vandercook No 4 in one evening and we had no extra sheets of this paper for an over run (though we did have a limited number of sheets of a different paper -- Indian silk paper -- for 'printers copies'). I can't say when the typo was made in the run by the replacement (I imagine the dot of the i was broken off and the letter switched out and replaced in the wrong spot), or if it exists in all copies. I'll check my proof copies to see if we started out with the typo or if it was introduced during some part of the run...


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I checked the proof copies and "California" is spelled correctly. So the typo was introduced sometime during the print run of 500...

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