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(...) But I remember when the first BSP letters book came out. I savored every page. So, yeah, I don't want to knock them too much. I'm just jaded. Don't pay any attention to me.
Jaded I can deal with.

Sorry to hijack yet another thread and bring news about the Linda King Poetry reading, but here goes...

The drunk guy, sleeping right behind jordan, would wake up occasionally and yell out something like:

"Yeah, Baby! That's what we need! you're Authentic! That's what San Francisco NEEDS!"

I have to admit that the Purdy letters intrigue me. I've read the Martinelli letters, and I agree with you. They were meh.

I mean, I guess we've all chased pussy, or whatever he was doing there, so it was comforting, and funny to see that others can look like an ass. I know I have, and plenty of times.

So, the Purdy letters will be another adventure.



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I've read the Martinelli letters, and I agree with you. They were meh. I mean, I guess we've all chased pussy,
or whatever he was doing there...
Were you ever a carpenter? Because I think you just hit the nail squarely on the head. ;)

All his letters to women (that I've seen) are come-ons. He was always trolling, and it didn't matter who the woman was.


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Yes, it is. :)

Read Beerspit Night And Cursing and you'll see. It's sort of a, errm, satire and really funny. Even Martinellis husband is there, in a way :)

Sometimes it seems that B. never really got over the fact (at least it took him quite a while) that he once corresponded with a woman who'd slept with Pound. Pound!

I've got Beerspit but I have'nt read it yet. Sure, Martinelli fits right in with the woman in Soup..., now I think about it. Is there any mention of the poem in Beerspit?
I have the Buk CD , King Of Poets, where Buk reads Soup..., but it seems like it has'nt been collected before now in The People Look Like Flowers At Last.
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Speaking of which, I'm supposed to receive the complete Corrington/Bukowski correspondence, which amounts to over 500 pages. Fuck, I'll have to buy another binder! ;)

Five... five hundred? Holy crap. There's bound to be SOMEthing good in there right? Madness!


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Yep. I received them today in a big Amazon box. I wasn't expecting any parcel from Amazon, so I was a bit surprised to see that box. Then it dawned on me that some libraries use recycled boxes ;)

I would love to sit down and read those letters right now, but I have to hand in a translation next Wednesday and I'm a bit behind schedule...


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Well, I took a very quick look at the first 20 letters or so and I found out that a publisher almost put out a chapbook of Bukowski/Corrington poems in the very early 60's. The chapbook never came out, but the Bukowski poems ended up in a mimeograph mag not listed anywhere.

Unpublished letters are sure a treasure trove.

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