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Lots of Bukowski and stuff by other authors... (1 Viewer)

These are some really great items. They are about 50% less than any listing on Abe. Do a brother a square and buy one of these. They are all huge little items...
A few more things about to be listed on ebay. I'll offer them here first. Shipping included.

X-Ray - Bagazine 1, 2005. #35/100. Includes work (most letterpress printed) by Charles Bukowski, Billy Childish (Signed), Coop (Signed), Jaime Crespo, Jason Davis (Signed), Rishard Krech (Signed), Sexton Ming , Bill Roberts (Signed. Ha!), F.N. Wright (Signed), Richard Kostelanetz (Signed), plus a lot more. A steal at $80

X-Ray - Bagazine 5, 2012. #37/100. Includes work by Benjamin Blackwell (Flexidisc, Signed, Archivist for The White Stripes), F.N. Wright (Signed), Bill Roberts (Signed. Ha!), Mark Mothersbaugh (DEVO, Signed), Tom Waits, Jaime Crespo (Signed), Richard Hell (VOIDOIDS, Signed), Jason Davis (Signed), plus many more. Broadsides, photos, prints, etc... The only other one on the internet for sale is offered at $650. A STEAL at $300.

Outsider #2, 1962. Poems by Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso, Jean Genet, Henry Miller, Kenneth Patchen, plus lots more. Creasing on cover, spine, but still a pretty copy and complete. $75 SOLD

Outsider #3 1963. Bukowski on the cover as OUTSIDER OF THE YEAR. Lots and lots of Bukowski inside. Plus Kenneth Patchen, Gary Snyder, Robert Creeley, William S. Burroughs, Jean Genet, Michael McClure, Henry Miller, plus lots more. wear to the yapped edges, otherwise, an amazing copy. A Steal at $175

Please let me know at [email protected]. If any seem high, let me know. In all cases, I compared the lowest price in comparable condition and made it lower, in some cases (like Bagazine #3, it is less than half of the only copy on abe (which is too high). I'll put them up on ebay on Monday, if there is no interest in these.

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