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I love the smell of books. especially used books. so does my wife.

but, you know, we're a bit odd.
i only like the smell of new books. i was caught in the act once, by an ex. "what the hell are you doing!" she laughed. i looked rather sheepish. it was not something i could have explained.
I don't care what anyone thinks; I'll pick up a good book, examine the cover... front and back, then smell the thing, then read some of the text.

I love the smell of the printed pages, mixed with the jacket and hard cover material, mixed with whatever glues and chemicals are used.

I know it's an association thing, but I love the Black Sparrow smell most of all.

Shall we start a book sniffers club?
I used to like, in grade school, the smell of mimeographed pages, as did my fellow class-mates. Most book lovers are a bit, or RATHER, fetishistic. Collecting anything is a sign of some mental aberration. But I also like stationary stores and to look at the pens, paper, journals. It has to do with the alphabet, words, language as something maybe even a little sacred. The ancient Egyptians had their god Thoth of writing and I believe the Mayans had....Istamna....or...forget his name, but anyway there may be something to this idea that writing is a kind of magic....he says as he watches his words zoom across the screen...
I want to put some garlic in the ink and glue.

General Motors was convinced the new car smell was an important part of a new car purchase. ( according to surveys.)
Collecting anything is a sign of some mental aberration.

Collecting nothing would be the biggest indication of a mental aberration I can think of (well... not really. But you know what I mean).

Actually it's one of my party questions (when there is an embarrassing lull in conversation); what do you (everyone) collect?
It gets things going again.
It seems everybody collects something.
I just received the Loujon book - Order and Chaos - Henry Miller.

I bought the cork edition - beautiful! Like the Buk publications but with a sensational slipcase.

I wish Loujon would have continued with the slipcases - although we all love our new clamshells at bukowski.net (mine are currently in the mail).

For a bit over $100 - I think this book is a steal.

just picked mine up as well. a real steal at 57 bucks! i put this one off for so long because, well, i don't care for henry miller. but i just had to see, touch and hold it. good lookin' book


so, does anyone here have a complete loujon collection? i'm sure "insomnia" is holding most collectors (like me) back from a full set...
You can find a copy of the trade edition of Insomnia for not too much money. I had one once. Be warned, though. Insomnia is the most bizarre of their releases and, in my opinion, the ugliest. It is almost spiral bound and covered with shiny wallpaper.

In an effort to give rather than just ask, here is a scan of a photocopied Tucson Daily Citizen article by Dan Pavillard about Jon & Lou and some flooding they had. It was slipped in the back of a copy of 4/5 I recently picked up. Apologies for the less than ideal scan quality, it was too big to fit on my scanner so I had to give it two shorts and stitch 'em together.


Also, I'm working on putting together a small blogspot page with the basic rundown of all the Loujon stuff. The school I'm attending has copies of the first three Outsiders (I own the fourth) and all four Gypsy Lou Series books so I've been spending time with them taking notes and transcribing things. It seems like a lot of the information is out there but having a little simple page seemed like a good idea for those who don't feel like digging!
The page is in its beginning stages right now: http://loujonpress.blogspot.com/
It will be growing a bit as I transfer over more of my notes and all that.
Does anyone happen to know if there is other Jon Webb writing outside of the Outsider, Four Steps to the Wall, and the story from Wormwood #45?
What I'm digging up seems to point towards:
"The Key in the Lock" in Story, February 1936 (Vol. VIII No. 43)
"Night After Night" in Story, August 1935 (Vol. VII No. 37)
Funny, I found the same letter in my Buk files in a photo together with Webb's letter to Winchell in which he asks for help. In the photo are also Webb's own book and the two copies of Story in which he had a story printed. I must have gotten the photo from either the forum or Ebay.

You can read the whole letter (and much more) in Reach for the Sun, page 163 (the only BSP paperback I have!).
i've never heard of this "paperback" edition of the outsider 4/5. never seen one on ebay or abe for the last 9 years or so. anyone own one or have an image?

photo 1-2.JPGphoto 2-2.JPG
With jacket and without. I prefer this one to the HC. Have no idea how many softcover
were printed, so maybe someone else can help with that one. Price listed on the jacket is $4.
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