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We were driving through Maine yesterday to get to Vermont for some mountain biking. We stopped in Freeport for lunch and wandered around the town a bit. Stopped into an independent bookshop (I think it was called Sherman's). The first thing I do when I go into a bookshop is look for Bukowski. Went to the B section. Nothing. Oh well. Looked around a bit more and came across a 'Classics' section. There with Dickens and Melville was s Buk.
Proper thing.
'Classics' sounds about right. I was at big chain book store yesterday and couldn't find any Bukowski titles at all. Then I noticed that they had a whole bunch, they were on display behind the special orders counter. When I asked em what the deal was, they bluntly told me 'People steal Bukowski'. Turns out that any Buk book that hits the shelf there is nicked. All their Tin Tin picture books were behind the counter too. 'Same deal with Tin Tin' they said. Thought it was pretty funny.
That was my experience in Harvard Square back in the 90s. Several book store employees (we actually had many book stores back then, remember?) told me the same thing. About Buk, not Tin Tin.
same in toronto.

including libraries. taking them out and not returning them. it's funny how many buk library books have wannabe's writing their own stuff on the inside covers and blank pages.
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This is practically the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Bukowski side by side with Murakami, two of my absolute favourites, Bukowski when it comes to poetry, Murakami for prose. If any books should be stolen, these are the ones!
This is one sweet bookshelf, only they missed to post two huge-sized-vidcams left and right of the sign.
Does a larger version of this pic exist?
I also go straight for the "B" section. Usually there's something of Bukowski, honestly, except in the redneck stores of the world. And of course mostly there are redneck bookstores in America. Oh, well.

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