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I'll never understand the bukowski manuscript market. At least on ebay. This manuscript sold for $455, while this one went unsold at $550.

The manuscript that sold is a 1986 xerox, and the unsold manuscript is an old carbon from 1971. You rarely see anything that early on ebay anymore (it has been relisted here for $450).

I found the same kind of unpredictability when I was selling manuscripts...the thing that you think is an absolute gem gets no interest, and something you threw up there hoping to get a minimal amount for will be bid up way beyond (what you thought was) its value.

Ah well. Ten years ago these things were $30 - $60, but ebay changed all that.
Heh, I've paid more than that, but not for one manuscript. Prices have gone up ten to fifteen times what they were when I was buying.
I think all the manuscripts I've owned are already in the manuscripts section. Most everything that's crossed my path ends up on the site. Or it's in a directory somewhere waiting to go on the site.

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