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Here's one that was too blurry to post. Doesn't look like it was any great loss.
Turns out I have a clear version. Still not missing anything. ;) (Except that it appears to be written only a couple of months before Bukowski died...)

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I like the two manuscripts a lot.
I also thought I had something profound to say. I do not.

Carry on.
Only 9 lines long, but almost every line - along with the title - was changed

That one takes the cake. Why in hell would JM change "It is now 4 p.m." into "it is now 2 p.m."? Wrong time zone?
On the other hand I doubt it was him: he would've put "we'll bring some tea" instead of "we'll bring some beer."
It should keep giving for some time, considering I'm only 10% through the unprocessed manuscripts that I still have. Working through them the way I have been, they won't be "done" for about 4-5 years.

But when I do finish with what I have here, we should have almost 3,000 manuscripts, or 65% of his known poetry. That's kind of mind-boggling., considering there probably aren't any existing manuscripts for 10% of those (earlier) poems.
As a matter of fact, I did, in February. You'd think that would open up a lot of time to work on things like this, but looking for a job seems to take up more time than actually doing a job. Ha.

That being said, if anyone is looking for a Director of Communications...I know a guy.
Not that you'd want to but I bet u would kick ass as an I.T. guy for the City of Philadelphia. I know a guy. (2 versions, only minor changes in "Sifting") (NEW - different poem with same title in "Flash of Lightning") (2 versions) (2 versions) (2 versions) (2 versions - it was changed in War All the Time, but it's interesting to compare the kinds of changes done when Bukowski was alive to what was done after he died.) (NEW - probably not surprising that it was never published, considering he calls Harold Norse (I think it's Norse, anyway) "a little bitch in a wig" and a "suckerfish, complaining untalented flea-bitch")
It's funny that A Member of the Tribe may well be about Norse, just as Dylan's Positively 4th Street may well be about critics. No matter how obvious it is or isn't, the message is what makes it.

That said, I'm going to gingerly open my Penguin Modern Poets #13 to see what Norse has going on (or not). ("farted" becomes "failed" in Storm for the Living) (2 versions) (ugh) (ugh again) (from here on out, let's just assume you could say 'ugh' to most of them) (2 versions - same) (twisting the cap off what?) (ugh - sorry, I had to) (2 versions - same) ("I know him well, it's me" ?! die JM, die) (3 versions - formatting change) (2 versions) (NEW) (2 versions, changes to second version in War All The Time) (a typical rape, but an interesting stanza left on the cutting room floor...)
Endlessly fascinating. Gonna have to spend some time giving these a "close reading" when I'm not at work.
"bang closed" can be read in present tense. That's how I read it anyway.

If you substitute "shut" for "closed" it makes more sense in present tense, but he kept "bang closed" through all 4 versions, so he must have liked the way it sounded.
He really fucks the beauty of the spare & simple and turns it into wordy & simplistic/dopey. Ugh.

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