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"'re next and I already know something you don't,

"... I raise my drink a full minute
and smile."

Hank, we have found you HERE
and we do know
your name
your meaning
and the treasure
of your escape.
Out of respect for Mr B not only r my knickers wet ( his raunchy highness does that to me ) I've sculpted him this wee goes.
Dedicated to the desicated corpse of a Mr H. Chinanski.
I've been reading your books and i'm so in love with your brutal honesty. I'm a bright young slip of a girl and my head just won't stop pounding since i last read your exploits. Oh see what ever I do I can't get the vision of you pounding the hell out of those women out of my head.
I want you to be my bitch . I need to desperatly grab your hair and throw that used up body of yours onto that even more used up matress and split you open. I want to be that lone green wolf ravaging and conquering you. Purrrrlease let me ram and destroy you. I don't care if you don't enjoy it you dirty bastardly whore. I'm sniffing and clawing around your tomb old man , feel the excitement.
reread Dangling... today and watched The Last Straw, the Redondo Beach reading, and the whole time I thought How could that be dead? it seems impossible.
I'm not a religious man, but I always thought that if there was an afterlife for those that were deserving, it would be nice if that person could pick what they thought was their prime and live it over and over for eternity.
I don't know what Buk would have picked, but I always thought his 50's were where he really started to roll, late bloomer that he was.
so, tonight, it is 1975 and Buk is where he should be and the fact that I was here at the right time to be able to read what he had to write is more than I deserve.
so, tonight, it is 1975 and Buk is where he should be and the fact that I was here at the right time to be able to read what he had to write is more than I deserve.

Sniff, sniff. gulp. Knock it off you're going to make the corgi get emotional and he has an image and a persona to maintain.
Hooch, well done. Well said.
It's not midnight in Los Angeles yet.


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It's gone midnight here in Rome and we're well into the next day. Just read what Hooch wrote about being able to pick an after life . I very much doubt B would have even contaplated choosin an after life and who are we to say that he was so deserving anyway , no offense to him . Death in his case brought him more success. sometimes being alive is just not enough
... and the whole time I thought How could that be dead? it seems impossible.

That's exactly what I was thinking that afternoon March 10th in 1994, when I heared it on the news.

I then was flipping through his books, read some of the poems, literally cried - and all the time I thought: "I don't believe it. I just don't believe it. The man who has written THAT and survived so much could NEVER be dead!"

Later that day I went through the bookstores and slightly touched the spines of his books with my fingertips as if I could touch Him through that.

And the night, of course, was dedicated to heavy drinking, together with my closest friend, who was also the one who introduced me to Bukowski when I was 16.
well. things are going as they should. remembering buk properly. I'm good and drunk, nothing to be proud of, any fool can get drunk, just ask my wife. and in the morning she'll be the first to tell me that. and make me get up with the kid, not quite 2 years old, the voice of reason, he'll stand stock still and stare and point, not realizing that bukowski has been dead 12 years, he'll stand stock still and stare and point and say uh ooh. well, he's right, that not quite 2 year old,he's right, uh ooh, let the world acknowledge its mistakes.

I know this is from two years ago & I forgot it was the anniversary yesterday. but I think this is mighty fine writing and that's the best way you could celebrate his memory.
march 9th

I raise my glass to Charles Bukowski, "Hank".


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Another year goes by, and
we'll all be

at peace.

Chin-chin Buk-folks
A tear in my eye; beer in my hand.

Thanks for enriching my life with downtrodden writings where humor and hope prevail...

Cheers, Sir Charles.

To you, and all your friends...


i remember wondering over life, death, mortality, when i was around five years of age. it was in the playground. as the other children screamed and ran around, i asked myself what the point was: you live, die, and then are forgotten?
i saw the answer to oblivion in the gravestone. if only one person was to come along, after you were dead and buried, and read the inscription, your name, read that you were once alive, then you had somehow conquered death.
I raise my glass to Charles Bukowski, "Hank".
I raise my spoon full of cough sirup (I'm ill
) to Hank.
Carry on resting in peace, man.
In that special day, I have started The days run away like wild horses over the hills to feel as close of him as possible

Is the guy on Roni's second photo Sean Penn ?

(and happy 50th birthday Barbie, you slut)
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I have my wine. My friend is going to email me most of one of his audio CDs tonight so that I can listen. Then I may cap it all off with a viewing of Barfly.

I've been reading Buk Scene 1 all day. tonight I'm going to watch The Bukowski Tapes. I have beer and wine. when I go to sleep tonight, I'll put on one of his cds.

thoughts are with Marina and Linda, and with all of us.

...and it's nice enough to
make a man
weep, but I don't
weep, do
you're welcome, friends, of course!
if I remember tomorrow, I'll scan one or two more.

You cats here give so much, I always feel in duty.
roni, excellent pics. thank you.

well, normally I wouldn't do this, but as I was watching The Bukowski Tapes, I wrote a poem for Buk on a real estate flyer that was in my mailbox. it's here. fair warning, I am drunk. and I was drunk when I wrote it. so, it sucks. but it's honest.

(EDIT: in the harsh light of sobriety I saw how maudlin it was and removed it. well intentioned, but not very good ;) )
Those are some very nice and epic pics!

Not to sound too morbid, but are there any open-casket pics of Buk?
DUDE!:mad:Not too cool.Even IF there were, which I seriously doubt! They would be for the Family and not public posting! Shit. Get a grip, how fucking morbid can you get?
I get what you're saying, but you do realize that open casket pics of famous fiqures have been made availible in the past, right?
Yes. I do realize...But you coming in here and asking that question is akin to you walking into the front 'parlour' and saying, "Hey Man-let's open this shit up". Total disrespect-

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