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He loved Buddhist monks. Couldn't get enough of them. He kept a couple around the house so he could hear them chant all the time.

I'm surprised you didn't know that.
Not to sound too morbid ?
When inquiring about casket photos ?
OPEN casket photos, even ?

Why don't you think twice before creeping everyone the fuck out.

Sayonara Cocksucker
Au Revoir You Stupid Fucker
(add rhyming insult here...)
Excuse-me but is the man in the middle Sean Penn ?
yep. and that's john martin in back with sunglasses. what i wanna know is, is that red stodolsky behind the first guy on the left? can't recall if he was alive or not in 1994. it looks like what i imagine him looking like anyway...
I posted the poem somewhere else but it belongs in this thread.
Enjoy your wine or cup of tea today.
Cheers, y'all.

poet dies
and nobody give a damn

he was one of us,
one of the best among us,
and we mark his passing.

garlands for the grave of Charles Bukowski

will romantics lay roses on his tomb like they do in Paris
for Jim Morrisson?

or spray paint tokens of their love
their admiration,
their adulation
across his granite

this is for me. these are my roses. he's
dead and can't smell them
where he is now

and forever.

© David Barker

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