Mention of Hackford's documentary by one of Bukowski's ex-girlfriend or friend (1 Viewer)

I read a few days ago a detail that I only just realized was important. It was not written by Bukowski.

So there's this woman (probably an ex) who had children. Those were wondering who was that old guy visiting their mom so often. Then she says that they saw taylor Hackford's documentary and realized that old guy was a great writer.

That quote shows how the documentary contributed to Bukowski's exposure to a wider audience.

But strangely enough, I can't find that quote anymore. I browsed "Scarlet", Linda King's memoirs, "Drinking with Bukowski" and Howard Sounes' biography to no avail.

Does this ring a bell for you?
Thanks again for your help.
Does this ring a bell for you?
Nope, but if I were you Linda King (with her memoirs) would be my first suspect.
And I would take notes of what I've read (while trying to write some kind of a science project), too.
I do take notes, A LOT, but this time I only realized too late that this detail is more important than I thought(at least I remembered reading it).
I have already written 2 master dissertations of 100pages each with no such issues, but now I have around 400 pages to write in a couple if months so I have a sh##t ton of data to juggle, so yes, once in a while, I could happen to require help about that little detail I let slip through.
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And when I say 400 pages it's on top of the 110 pages I have already written, not to mention the thousands of pages I've read for my research (both primary and secondary sources).
And still, this is only the second time I'm asking about something I read, in the 4 years I've been part if this forum, in a part which is specifically dedicated to find the origins of a quote.
Just FYI.
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It wasn't "Blowing My Hero" you were thinking of was it or this one? Loving & Hating Charles Bukowski

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