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Greetings from the armpit of Ohio! Another factotum and Chinaski fan, I am also an amateur poet (not claiming to be good, only prolific) who has run open mics and writing forum's for 15 years now. I recently started a memorial reader's group that honors our fallen with staged readings. Our first was Kerouac on October 22nd, and our next will be on the 13th anniversary of CB's death on March 9th. Hypothetical -- If you could participate, what would you read?
I would read "The Bluebird" or "The Laughing Heart" - two of his best poems ("The Crunch" also comes to mind)...
Welcome Reverend,

Nice to have a man of the cloth aboard... :-) I'm not sure what an amateur poet is exactly...not famous, part time, not getting paid? Because there sure does seem to be a bunch of famous, fulltime, getting paid writers out there that are 'amateurs' :-)

Send me a poem through the 'private message' feature, I'd like to read a sample of your stuff (without boring all the experts in this forum :-)...

Bobby D

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