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I just ordered some Buk books and reading the reviews, description and some passages of his books alone I'm totally in love with this mans writing already. I've ran into an issue though. There's this book called Erections, ejaculations, exhibitions, and general tales of ordinary madness and I'm having a hard time finding any used versions cheaper than 82$. That's not the problem though. There's another book called Tales of Ordinary Madness and found many many used books at a very cheap price. Now I need to know is this a totally different book or is this the "Clean" version of the book? Or what is this? I'm want to collect his books, I ordered a few of them actually and don't mind having to pay 82$ for a good used book but if I can get it for 1/4 of the price why not? What's the deal, is it there same book or what am I looking at here? Thank u so much guys for ur input and I really hope I get an answer soon. -Jane
Erections, ejaculations, exhibitions, and general tales of ordinary madness was the original version, later broken into two books, Tales of Ordinary Madness and The Most Beautiful Woman in Town. Those two contain everything in the original book.
Yes, and everything just as it was written in the original, just to toss that into the mix. Either way reaches the same end. These are City Lights publications; no major changes by LF.
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For many people here, it was the poems that got them hooked, but I discovered the short stories first. The great thing is that the poems are even better. Welcome!

Oh, and when new folks come here with a HELP as part of their introduction, it usually means they want help with a thesis. It's good to see someone generally interested in the line and the way.

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