Bukowski Is My Spirit Animal (1 Viewer)

I knew of Bukowski before. A few of his poems snaked their way into my reading here and there, but never became an obsession. I read Post Office and discovered the depth of his work, the emotion and intensity. The reality.

After having been through the rough and tumble anguish of the dissolution of a long-term relationship, I revisited this soul. He spoke to me, from the grave, directly. I felt that each of his words were my own, spoken decades before me.

Now I am an addict.
Cool beans. What did he say (imagine ghoulish Bukowski voice): 'doooonnnnnttt beeee aaaa wwwuussssssssss'?

I kid, welcome. I'm heading out for bagels and coffees as I often do - let me know what your having, first ones on me.

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