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Hope this hasn't already been posted. I just got this email announcement from poet Charles Potts:

"•for immediate release"”

A new CD of a vintage reading (1974) by world famous twentieth century American poet Charles Bukowski (1922-1993) is one you'll have to stuff in your CD player as soon as you get it. In 1974, the intrepid Bukowski journeyed from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City to give a featured reading at the Underwater Poetry Festival, along with Alta, Ricardo Sanchez, and Andy Clausen. The recording of the reading given in the social work auditorium of the University of Utah survived in the archives of the Reverend Sherm W. Clow, President at the time of the renowned Litmus Inc., producer of the festival, and is made available to the general public by The Temple Inc. of Walla Walla, Washington. Litmus Inc. was the publisher back in the day of the classic Bukowski book, Poems Written Before Jumping out of an 8 Story Window.

More than twenty poems with a table of contents, some introductory and closing patter by MC Charles Potts, and a reproduction of the poster from the UPF are the menu on the CD. Bukowski was just beginning to achieve the lasting fame that would come to him in the next two decades. Hear the man at his droll and noteworthy best. The CD is available from The Temple Inc., CD baby, and if you're lucky or live where hip book and music stores abound, from your local dealer. Don't be satisfied with a single copy when you can buy two or more and give them to worthy friends. Friends don't let friends drive with Bukowski.

Charles Potts
[email protected]
The Temple
PO Box 1773
Walla Walla, WA 99362
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Thanks DAVID!

I just ordered one too. $14 with shipping is very fair. In a few years, these will show up on ebay for many times that amount. It is nice to see a reading that has not been endlessly bootlegged show up on the scene...

Thanks David, $6 shipping for a CD to TORONTO is WRONG (costs about a $1.50), but considering the whole 'package' is under 20 bucks, good deal...
I look forward to hearing it.
yes, cheers. £7:50 (including shipping) is an even better - almost unbelievable - deal here in the UK. proof that we pay well over the odds.
Thanks David! - I've just ordered one. 14$ (80 DKR.) is a very good deal. Over here we're jused to pay 28$ (160 DKR.) for a cd. What's the standard price in the shops for a cd in US and UK? - Looking forward to hear the cd...
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Add me to the list of buyers.

Reminds me that I have cassettes of the Santa Barbara reading at Baudelaire's sitting on my desk that I have to digitize (or at least listen to). I still don't know what's on those tapes...maybe we can release a CD of the show. ;)
Add me to the list of buyers.

Reminds me that I have cassettes of the Santa Barbara reading at Baudelaire's sitting on my desk that I have to digitize (or at least listen to). I still don't know what's on those tapes...maybe we can release a CD of the show. ;)

well u see how quickly those Temple Books CD's are selling, why not sell them, I'd buy it!
The New Merchants of Venice

damnit it sucks i dont have a credit card. is there any other way i can order this? I dont wanna be left out. :(

Hi HC,

You can set up a PayPal account and have money transferred from your checking account through PayPal to the seller. Go to PayPal and follow the sign-up procedure, then return to the seller's website and order from there... this particular seller uses PayPal, and it took me less than a minute to make my paltry purchase. The only worm in the bottle is if you have no checking account to begin with from which to transfer funds. But then as you probably know, you can open one at most banks for a minimum of $100. Good luck. If this post on PayPal is a redundancy, then whoops, never mind, and glad to know y'all anyway. "”Poptop.
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Charles Potts

I'm not sure how many people are aware of this, but Charles Potts' wife was killed a couple years ago while riding her bicycle on Mother's Day. Very, very sad.

Charles Potts was the publisher of Bukowski's "Poems Written Before Jumping Out of An 8 Story Window" and runs The Temple Bookstore (although I had heard that he was closing it after the acccident).

Bill: I could be wrong on this, but I think Potts decided to keep The Temple open after all. Besides being an early publisher of Bukowski, Potts is a legendary 1960s poet, was a regular in the mimeographed little magazines that circulated back then. I had read his stuff over the years, but never met him until a couple of years ago when I was introduced to him at the annual PNBA conference up in Portland, OR. Seems like a nice guy and is very smart. I've never been to The Temple bookstore. It's in Walla Walla WA, which looks on the map like a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, a long way from my home. They have many readings up there and it seems to be a hotbed of literary activity, with Potts the driving force behind it all. Maybe someday I'll get up there.

I hope I've started a flurry of orders for this new CD. It's nice to finally scoop all of you insiders and experts on a new Bukowski item. Now I can go back to sleeping at my desk all day...

ps: I'm not shilling for The Temple. I have no personal interest in the CD. Just wanted you all to know about it.
Shilling for genuine Bukowski items is encouraged.

Shilling for Kirsten Oranjbloom records, Bukowstinkal performances or online poker rooms is generally frowned upon.

Kind of depends on how you present your shillery, too. You know, for anyone out there considering posting a plug for something.
I'm sure you will. I had to e-mail him myself because I only transferred the 14$ asked for through Pay-pal. After the transfer i saw accidentally that international shipping is 6$, not 4$, so I send mr. Potts a mail asking what I should do now. He answered me almost right away telling me what to do. So now I have send the remaining 2$ and hopefully I will get the cd soon. I can hardly wait...
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Shilling for Kirsten Oranjbloom records, Bukowstinkal performances or online poker rooms is generally frowned upon

Don't forget Kristin Asbjornson with the smoky voice...:D
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mjp: hope my shrillery was presentable. When I said I had no interest in the CD, I meant financially/socially/organizationally. I'm not associated with Potts or The Temple except that I've met the man. I am interested in the CD intellectually. Can't wait to hear it. And the price is very fair.
Hi David,
From the looks of it, it all seems most cool. You let us know about a cool cd at a fair price. The problem that people seemed to have with people selling is where they hide their relationship or post something COMPLETELY outside the wishes of the forum. Posting for Viagra is shilling. Also, the record label guy that was pretending to be interested in a CD, when in fact he was a rep was a shill. I think that selling somethig of interest, or letting the group know of a little known release is not only not shilling, but I, for one, think that it is very, very cool!

Can't wait to hear it.

i believe that's fairly representative. :)

it's an extra $2 for shipping to the UK. i didn't see it mentioned on the site. it's still a bargain since the average cost of a CD in the UK is £10 ($20?), and it is bukowski, and hardly a mass circulation offering.
Bukowski CD from The Temple/1974

All the paypal orders are in the airmail, save one to nearby Richland, WA., to which there is no plane. Meanwhile we thank David Barker for notifying all of you. Sorry for the "one price fits all" for outside the US shipping. Our intention, not to dwell on the obvious, was to make the material available for its literary qualities and content, provide standard royalties to Linda Bukowski, and to sell sufficient quantities at a price appropriate to make it available indefinitely.

Re The Temple Bookstore: is only online at this point with many vintage CDs, music and poetry, and a selection of books and back issues of The Temple quarterly magazine, well known for its translations from contemporary Chinese and Spanish poetry. Check us out and keep the faith; join our list if you want. The original final line in the post Barker sent of our Bukowski project, "Friends don't let friends drive with [out] Bukowski" was missing the [out].

If you don't have paypal, send us a MO for $14 per airmailed copy to
The Temple Bookstore
PO Box 1773
Walla Walla, WA 99362, USA


PS: Take a look at our new endeavor, <> and participate to your level of interest.
oh, yes

got mine in the mail today, listening to it as we speak, (type? post?) a gem, a jewel , thanks to everyone involved, (parteners in crime) merry christmas to me... o, and you too..........
Good to see Charles Potts here. Maybe he will share with us some of his experience in publishing Bukowski. Glad I could play a small role in getting the word out on this CD. Got mine in the mail today, just opened it. Haven't listened yet, but it looks like a good list of poems, and there's opening comments by Charles Potts, and some of my favorite Buk poems: "Face of a Political Candidate" and "Solid State Marty." And a great cover shot of Buk holding a beer, looking melancholy, which, if this aging brain does not deceive me, was used in the Litmus edition of Poems Written Before Jumping Out Of An Eight Story Building (I gotta replace my long ago sold off copy of that book). Now all I need is a few minutes in this insane schedule I keep to listen to this treasure. Ho Ho Ho, thank you Santa! THIS is why God invented Paypal.
HenryChinaski: The CD title is Charles Bukowski Underwater Poetry Festival The tracks are:

Opening Comments with Charles Potts
Let's Be Original
The Mad Poet
Face of a Political Candidate
Private First Class
The Sex Fiends
Two Horse Collars
Dog Fight
Big Gray Balloon Things Heavy
Piss and Shit
Now She Hates Me
The Spider
The Closing of the Topless and Bottomless Bars
Well Now That Ezra Has Died
Rexall Cut Rate 4:30 PM
Vacation in Greece
My Father's Big Time Fling
Solid State Marty
Nothing is as Effective as Defeat
The Word
No Cagney Me
Closing Comments.

I don't think there's any copyright issues with just listing the contents, if that's what you meant. There's a small reproduction of the poster for the reading in the insert. Admission was $1.50 per reading. Charles Potts read also.
Good to see that the poems have'nt been issued on cd before except for "The sex fiends" and "Piss and shit" (as far as I can tell).
I can hardly wait for the arrival of my cd. Santa (and Charles Potts) has been good to us this christmas...:)
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Good to see that the poems have'nt been issued on cd before except for "The sex fiends" and "Piss and shit" (as far as I can tell).
I can hardly wait for the arrival of my cd. Santa (and Charles Potts) has been good to us this christmas...:)

yeah, I hope I get mine before christmas
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Okay, I listened to the first 20 tracks, and I love this reading. Nice appreciative articulate intro by Potts (recorded at the reading, not added later), Buk comes on, he says he's had the flu and he sounds a bit like he's got a cold -- not too much -- and he does some harummphing between poems that may be a sign of the flu or may be nerves, and he's in a good mood, he's funny. You can hear the sloshing of the wine in the bottle as he takes hits. I gather he's not drunk, or not very much so, at the start. Has control, is reading carefully. He stops whenever he makes a small pronunciation error and corrects himself (often making more of a distraction with his correction than the error itself), talks freely between poems. Not at length, but enough so that it's more than just a straight out reading of the poems. The crowd is very friendly, they're laughing at all the righ places. The poems are great. Once or twice he feels that a poem falls flat and he says so -- he's self-monitoring to a remarkable degree, checking himself, telling himself to keep it tight. Unlike other readings I've heard, there aren't any hecklers egging him on to getting surly, so it's all very light and pleasant. A really likeable reading. Then again, I haven't heard the ending yet. Maybe it breaks down and there's a fist fight -- I wouldn't rule that out. I'll listen to the rest of it later today. So far, I'm very happy with my purchase (here I am shilling again.)
yeah, I hope I get mine before christmas

So do I! Especially after reading David's review! Let's hope the pressure on the postal traffic around christmas does'nt get in the way.

Dear Santa, please speed up your reindeers! Give them some extra carrots or whatever will do the trick...:)
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YES PLEASE. give them carrots or apples or whatever the hell it is they need for fuel. WE NEED THESE BUKOWSKI READINGS FOR CHRISTMAS MORNING.

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