New poetry collection: "Storm for the Living and the Dead"


“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
That's how I walk around in life. It's like an umbrella of line-y-ness. You can't see it in the pic, but unfortunately it doesn't keep away the cloud perpetually overhead. ;)


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Is there an un-doctored one available?
Part of it. This larger though and you can see that he's side-eyeing the camera, which is good.


Even better though is this, which I came across while looking for the other picture.

Tangerine Press has recently released a broadside of poem for Dante, which will be appearing in this final (?) upcoming collection as something of a promo for the book. It's a strong poem and if you are familiar with Tangerine Press, you can guess the quality. Deluxe portfolios are sold out, but the broadside and art by Christoph Mueller (rather Crumb-esque if I do say) are available. Not a shameless plug since I've nothing to do with it; more of a recommendation for y'all.


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Just got the galleys for Storm:



There are some minor errors here and there, but they were all fixed after the galleys were printed.

I just finished writing a little something about this book vs the changes in the posthumous collections. Hopefully, it will be online before the book comes out next month.
Just got the galleys for Storm:

I just finished writing a little something about this book vs the changes in the posthumous collections. Hopefully, it will be online before the book comes out next month.
wow. waiting for it.

(quite beautiful the dracula drag buk, the blue hair really did the job)


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Received a copy today, here are some pictures. Haven't read it yet, but thought you'd like a look.

First thing I noticed was there's no table of contents. Though the sources are in the back, so that's good. If the TOC or sources had to go, I'm glad they kept the sources. 256 pages of poetry and illustrations, 98 poems (actually, 99 - there's a poem printed on the back cover for some reason). I'll post a TOC when I get a chance.

At first glance it seems to be made up of more than a few things we've already seen, but judging by the first page of the sources, there will be enough new stuff here to satisfy. And to the average bear, pretty much all of this will be new.

Paper is very thin, as we've come to expect, but that seems to be the way it goes for mass market books these days.








And here's the press release.




“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
Is some of the font on the cover raised? Whatever the case may be, looks good. Very cool. You have my approval so you can now proceed. You're welcome.

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Besides Abel, did anyone know this was coming out? Bought it on the secondary market for a few bucks extra, but wished I had known it was coming out.


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Book is in the database now.

33 new additions:

the human inhuman
song of the vanquished
good service, at last
to the drunks along the bar before closing time
in this
I was shit
the bumblebee
the rope of glass
charity ward
phone call from my 5-year-old daughter in Garden Grove
hooked on horse
2 immortal poems
love song
something about the action
Venice, Calif., nov. 1977
chili and beans
go to your grave cleanly
a long hot day at the track
and the trivial lives of royalty never excited me either
the way it goes
a man for the centuries
the world of valets
rip it
Henry Miller and Burroughs
being here
the only life
a reader writes
1/2/93 8:43 PM
storm for the living and the dead
cover charge
good stuff
Four of those are alternate titles from manuscripts, and a couple more are alternate titles for things that were already in the database (like Venice, Calif., nov. 1977, and 1/2/93 8:43 PM), but it's still 20+ new titles.
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