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I finally saw this one! They didn't have a copy at UCSB -which was weird- but they do have a copy here at Buffalo.

It's just a medium-sized blue broadside which says PENNY POETRY (in big capitals) and then there's the "The Priest and the Matador" poem. No date, no place, no publisher, nothing at all. It seems a bootleg publication for sure.
Great poem, for sure. From your description and because that poem was published in more books/anthologies/magazines than most of his others, it could well be a boot.
There's some info re. this broadside in Dorbin's biblio, but nothing solid. It seems to me that B. didn't have a copy when Dorbin was working on his biblio. If he did have a copy, then somebody stole it from UCSB's Bukowski Collection.

B4) [in facsimile of a large holograph hand] PENNY POETRY THE PRIEST AND THE MATADOR |

n.p. 1962?

One mint-green sheet of lightweight mimeo stock measuring 8M x 11. Offset. Contains 15 lines of text followed by author's name.

NOTE: The author believes this was produced by "some students at Northwestern or Purdue." (I was not able to verify this.) The poem originally appeared in EPOS in 1961. First book publication, in A4), was in Spring 1962. It is worth nothing that A4) was published in Chicago. My supposition is that the midwestern students picked it up there; thus the date as above.
Maybe it was green, I can't recall that after having seen so many items today.
The info provided by Dorbin is pure speculation. I haven't found a single reference to this broadside in any of the unpublished letters I've read so far. A mystery for sure, but at least I could personally take a look at it.

Will try to have it scanned to post it here.
Here's a preview of this mysterious, never-seen-before item! Will try to post a larger image sometime soon...

It's definitely green, which means that Dorbin probably saw a copy. UCSB's copy was probably stolen... or I simply wasn't interested in this kind of material at the time and I never had it pulled for me.

amazing. I've been collectin Bukowski for 10 years now. I don't have EVERYTHING, but there isn't much that I have not seen at one point.

That one I have never even seen a picture of, including in rare catalogs, etc. I'm not sure how many copies are out there, but certainly not many...
Here's the scan / xerox from the House of Books catalogue (Blair/Webb collection)

(I know it's not great!)

It will be nice to see a better pic. Good going Indiabel Jones!

Edit: Cleaned Scan Added

loujon p16.jpg penny poetry - the priest and the matador.jpg
Mystery solved! It was printed by a priest in Madison, Wisconsin. It was NOT Father Luke, though ;) The editor was a most interesting guy.

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