Nick Cave

Damn! that is one fucking important album!
I will even buy it in physical form. (is there a special edition?)
I wish I had it here around at the moment with a booklet and lyrics and photographs and artwork that covers all the feeling.
Damn shit is this a Great album!
The previous one ('Push') had been fantastic - no need to make it look small!
But THIS ONE is so - DEEP and DOWN and SLOW and DARK.
Or maybe I'm just going sentimental.

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I don't think there is a deluxe edition. My physical copy does not have a lyric sheet.

It's a great album.

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My ex turned me onto Nick Cave while she was on a 9 month work assignment in Hong Kong. She'd send me CDs, that included many of the ballads. I think we interpreted them 180 degrees in the opposite direction. (Into My Arms, as an example). A year after she came back, we decided to split and she told me she could never listen to Nick Cave again. I still love to put it on late at night when everyone is asleep.
My ex turned me onto Nick Cave ....
My way to Nick Cave also came through a girl I was with.
(I did know Cave before, but never cared much)
That was in 1996 and she was so much my Love!
It was one horror when she left. I still think of her, I'll never forget her, I'll never let her go.


I only ever heard The Birthday Party and The Good Son. I can't listen to the Birthday Party much anymore but I love that Bad Seeds album, especially the song "Lucy." I'm getting chills right now as I listen to "Foi Na Cruz." This album always takes me back to some bittersweet times...
does not have a lyric sheet
that, for me, is a reason to Not buy it.

But I've just gathered the lyrics from the web and formatted a sorta sheet outa it (sorry it isn't US-letter, but Din-a-4).
- attached.


  • Nick Cave Skeleton Tree Lyrics.pdf
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Been thinking for days and nights [while listening], why the new album was reminding me so much of his late-80s-work, even though the music is quite different.

Got it now:
The new album smells like H. (much more than Any of Cave's work since the late 80s.)
Either he's back into it, or he's feeling like it.
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You may have something there. I Hope that is not the case. Heroin is amazing for art, but awful for living and being happy. Some artists are nothing without drugs. Cave is great either way and if the fans and critics are right, he is better clean.
been listening to this dark crystal not For 12 nights but Since 12 nights now.
And in those nights, where I did it - I spent HOURS listening to it! (I mean literally.)

Still waiting for a Special-edition with bonus-tracks and lyrics.
Didn't see a reason to buy if the booklet not even has the lyrics.

Anybody seen the accompanying documentary-movie? I haven't. Is it any good?
Just yesterday night a friend told me, that Nick Cave was on tour and that he even had a couple of concerts in Germany.
Too bad I was too late (but then, that's what my life is).
But fortunately, there's youtube these days. Looks like Cave found a totally decent and admirable way to bring this album (in parts) on stage (I hadn't thought it would be possible, but he did it).

L.A. has also been graced by this dark-slow-unspectacular [! - and thus spectacular] show-off of inner grief.
Like so:

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I once saw a tall, skinny man in a long black leather trench coat, jet black hair, confidently stride into London's Victoria train station from a limo (black). I only saw him from the back, and side, and I thought, Jesus, was that Nick Cave?

It was probably just some random goth.


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Have wanted to see these guys live but tickets are usually out of my price range and/or sold out. One that always seems to escape me.
It's not a "project", but only a mood, that's why I didn't post it in a thread like "what I'm working on".

There's this NICK CAVE graphic novel, made by a German artist and approved by Nick Cave.
The drawing in this book is extremely well, but I am definitely not a fan of how the story is told. But that's not my point here.

The drawings in the book are all bw
(well, some have one tone of grey in them)
And recently, while drinking - and, yes, listening to his music - I felt like adding a little colour.

So that's what I did, using oil-crayons.
Attached is my first result.
Meanwhile I've worked on a couple more pics in the book.


sure I'm aware that one might consider the straight, plain, bw-drawings much stronger. This isn't meant to "improof" the original, but just to express myself on the shoulders of someone else. Cheap maybe. But sometimes neccessary.


“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
The reviews of the current tour & shows is stellar. Should b great. Every time he has come to Philly i'm either broke or he sells out.
So lets admit he may have or press the gas on a messianic complex....bottom line his show was a lot of fun and had an element of danger....een if it was choreographed. He is one of the best front men going. You would be hard pressed to name one better IMO. The music was tight and he was 100 % invested into each number. I dropped 70 to see him and would do the same next week if he returned.. I had fun. Thats enough.

Another note...Warren Ellis is from a different planet.
Right now listening to his songs again and again as I do, I'm a bit confused about your use of the word "fun".
Maybe I'm wrong, but the very last thing that would have ever occured to me regarding Nick Cave was the word "FUN".

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i haven't checked out much of his stuff but some of those Grinderman lyrics are - sorry roni - really fun AND funny.

but i don't think his wife would agree...

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'And No More Shall We Part' is my favorite Nick Cave album.

I also enjoyed his novel, 'And The Ass Saw The Angel', at the time. It's a great read. I have 'The Death Of Bunny Munro' as well, but haven't read it yet.
'And No More Shall We Part'
That's a beautiful one. I love it.

First one of it that comes to my mind is: "Darker with the Day".
It's the perfect companion for a sad look out the window during the afternoon.

"We Came Along This Road" and "Love Letter" are perfect melancholy too.
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'Darker With The Day' is a great song. I love that whole album. Couldn't stop listening to it when it was released.
Hear Ghosteen, the new two part album from Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, for the first time in full tonight (Thursday 3 October) on YouTube at 10pm BST. Subscribe to the channel here and set a reminder to be notified when the premiere begins.

This will be the first chance to listen to the new album along with listening events worldwide. Find your nearest event here.

Ghosteen will be released globally on all digital platforms on Friday 4 October.

Vinyl and CD will be released on Friday 8 November, pre-order now here.

Track Listing:

Part One
1 Spinning Song
2 Bright Horses
3 Waiting for You
4 Night Raid
5 Sun Forest
6 Galleon Ship
7 Ghosteen Speaks
8 Leviathan

Part Two
1 Ghosteen
2 Fireflies
3 Hollywood

The album was recorded in 2018 and early 2019 at Woodshed in Malibu, Nightbird in Los Angeles, Retreat in Brighton and Candybomber in Berlin. It was mixed by Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Lance Powell and Andrew Dominik at Conway in Los Angeles.

Nick Cave - vocals, piano, synthesizer, backing vocal
Warren Ellis - synthesizer, loops, flute, violin, piano, backing vocals
Thomas Wydler - drums
Martyn Casey - bass
Jim Sclavunos - vibraphone, percussion
George Vjestica - guitar
Anybody listened to the new album?
If I was forced to say something about it in one word, it would be: unnecessary.
Just announced: On July 23 will be aired online a solo-concert of Nick Cave alone at the piano.

quote: "The film will be streamed as a live experience, and will not be available to view online following the event. Please note during the event you will not be able to pause, rewind or fast forward the stream."

Of course, I'd Never call for any illegal action. But if all of a sudden *somebody* who's watching it, had the ability to somehow record a video of the airing and share it with me, I would not exactly call the police either.
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