New Nick Cave vid

Its early but so far the best song I have heard this year.
Reminded me of the The Nails 99 lines about 44 women.
Now, I LOVE Nick Cave (I have all of his CDs from the late 70's to the last one), but am not big on this song. Also, the video is odd, especially his dancing.

Finally, he needs to lose the 70's pornstar moustache.

Is the new album out? Of course, I'll buy it. Hopefully it'll grow on me.

the grinderman cd is fantastic. it got me through 3 weeks stuck in a hotel room in adelaide trying to write music for a show. it's got that classic cave/bad seeds swagger and edge, but it's a more playful and tongue in cheek. love it.
I'm a Cave fan as well, but this seems to lack the malice and drama of earlier compositions. Perhaps I'm a one trick pony who cannot accept change. Certainly, he can't keep doing the same 'ol thing but...

Now that I've seen this, I've got to go locate a version of "Your Funeral, My Trial" to placate meself
Yeah, I got a live version of this song, that really KICKS Ass! Very powerful.

This guy is just so crazy!
And as close to 'genius' as Buk.

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Cave is also losing his hair it would seem... it's almost impossible to believe this is the same guy from The Birthday Party albums.

I also think the bad lip-synching is probably intentional.
Was from a concert 11-14-2004 in Berlin. Has been aired on the radio I think. I got it via em*le.


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Hey roni, I've listened to a few NC things after your recommendation (another thread).
Nothing in it for me I'm afraid.
Formulaic rock music with an overly theatrical bent.

This song (and video) is really bad. How could it have taken two people to 'direct' that video?

My take. I know I'm in the minority.
Nick Cave is a love or hate musician. I love everyhting that he has done, but completely understand how others don't...

Too bad:

I've read that in one of his new songs, 'We call upon the author' he makes clear, that he dislikes Bukowski.

Anyway, I still like both of them.
This is from a review (below). I'm glad that I saw it here, before hearing it on the CD. It wold be too much of a shock to me! I need time to get used to this before hearing it!

All best,

We Call Upon The Author (To Explain), which subtly and self-mockingly sets Cave The Songwriter in the dock, challenges God to account for himself and sets a literary feud ("Bukowski was a jerk! Berryman was best!!!") to an irresistible beat.


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I'm going to Cave's gig in Prague.
You can listen to new album for free @ The Bad Seeds MySpace. Also the album was out earlier. I saw it in shops at the end of February. I want to buy it soon.

And BTW, the Grinderman album was the best album of 2007 for me. Really.


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Nick Cave interview on here. pt. 1.

pt. 2 will be up tomorrow, I'll post a link then.
well, just a comment :

besides the very last part (about what music can do for you), I found the whole interview very sad.

I, especially, didn't like what he said about his musical past (in the 1st part). It was a bit like talking bad about former girl-friends.

But I'm looking forward to his new novel about that incontinential guy. That sounded interesting. (like the novel of Serge Gainsbourg about the painter who can't control his farts and makes an artistic method out of it.)

I guess, it's time now, for me, to jump to the 'what are you listening'-thread and bring in the 'Tender Prey'-album.
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