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non-bukowski signed black sparrow hardcover (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
Fred Smith- Rollerdrome and the Millionaire; this is one of an unstated number of cloth trade copies, and it is inscribed by Fred Smith on the front free end paper.

$20 shipped, or if you have other BSP hardcovers you'd like to trade, that works too.

I like this book a lot, but I have a lettered copy, so I don't need the trade ed. anymore. Here's an excerpt:

If you live long enough, you will
go to bed hoping you won't wake
up in the morning and wake up
disappointed you're awake. My
grandmother dreamed Jesus came
to take her home, only to find out
he hadn't kept his word. "Maybe
he meant I'm saved and will take me
someday. He looked just like his picture."
That would have been the picture
over her bed, a bearded Jesus
in bathrobe and dressing gown.

Also, this may have been the last book published by Black Sparrow Press... Both Smith and Maggie Dubris claim that their book was the last book.

Finally: Mods, I think this is appropriate, being potentially of interest to forum members. If you delete it, please let me know by PM not to advertise non-Buk books for sale anymore.
I'll take it. if it's still available.
and I'll pay for shipping to Canada.
It is still available... and if you PM me your address in the next 10 minutes, I'll ship it tonight.

EDIT: Oh wait- I have your address... One book coming up!

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