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Just a quick question, is there a way in this forum to view a list of threads in which you have written a message? (To view replies etc) Can't find it if it's there for some reason... It's on the other couple of forums I am a member of.

Thanks, G.
Did you try clicking on your user name and go to all threads or view profile.
Or on a specific thread click the posts number and it opens a window that will show how many posts and by whom. This forum is top of the line.
I always click "New Posts" at the top. If you are new, it will take some time to go through all of the threads, but after you are current, they only show up there when they are new to you. It makes itt very, very easy to keep up with the goings on...

It also helps to take a look at the envelope on the left-hand side. If there's an arrow in the envelope, it means that you have posted in that thread. The envelope will also "tell" you how many posts you have in that thread.
is there a way in this forum to view a list of threads in which you have written a message?.


Let's look at a couple of different options,
okay? Great.

View a list of threads in which you've written a message

The Search page works nicely.

At that page you may:

Search by User Name

This includes searching your own name, or poasts.
Look on the right hand side. . .

So, that works. . .

Here is a direct link to searching for grahamcooke poasts.

Next, you might consider Subscribing to threads
in which you have an interest.

Hope that helps?



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