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Man, i love your opinions on shit like this. Ha!

I like the idea of the record as originally released/intended and maybe a record of just one really good alternate take of each tune or the demos if they're awesome. Then that's there's whole "who's editing this monster" discussion.
I just watched an 18 minute unboxing of the deluxe boxed set. The dudes enthusiasm was thru the roof silly, too much talking, too many asides. It made it very hard to watch. The sets cool. But that's not a surprise is it?

I got lucky. I can listen to the super de luxe box set for free on my computer and smartphone. Since I have the same provider for my internet, cable TV and smartphone I'm given free access to the provider's music site which is somewhat similar to Spotify. So the next couple of days I'll be listening to the Esher demos. Of course, I only found out after I had ordered the de luxe 3-CD set. Typical!
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Only known color photos of the Beatles' 1966 US tour go under the hammer for the first time in online auction

(Not really "the only known color photos" from '66, but still pretty cool.)






The Beatles live on Sweedish TV 'Drop ~In' 1963

Very cool 4-song set from 1963. In addition to the music, there's some great banter and interesting audience reactions.

She Loves You: 1:14
Twist And Shout: 4:04
I Saw Her Standing There: 6:54
Long Tall Sally: 9:45

Some user comments:

--Shows how tight a good band can be after putting in so many sets at the Cavern
--Anyone notice how McCartney’s “sh” at 3:53 literally silenced the audience immediately. Guy’s a hypnotist
--John can't do the usual harmonizing for "I Saw Her Standing There" so soon after wrecking his vocal chords for "Twist and Shout". So he had to drop it an octave
-- don't think they realized that Lennon and McCartney both sang lead. Paul's mic is turned down low like a backing vocalist mic
--You see John move back part way through 'saw her standing there' probably realising he's completely drowning out paul
Good lord, who the @#$% spends time thinking up this crap? McCartney was and still is a great musician, but he's over-rated in some contexts and under-rated in others. I don't feel like discussing either. But clown? Ass-clown, more like.
^Good stuff. FYI, that flamenco guitar intro to Bungalow Bill is a sample that was obtained by depressing a single key on a mellotron. But this guy's got the chops to actually play it.
We Beatles fans know all of this (of course) but for the uninitiated:

Everyone knows The Beatles members, John, Paul, George, and Ringo. But on their way to becoming the most successful foursome of all time they picked up and dropped a few musicians along the way. Today we’re going to show you ten interesting facts about the often forgotten bandmates of the fab four -- The Other Beatles!

On April 18, 1966 the Lovin' Spoonful played the Marquee Club in London and George and John were in the audience.


This photo of George and John talking to two members of the Lovin' Spoonful must have been taken after their performance at the Marquee Club.

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