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  1. My pleasure. :) I hope that next time I review a Buk book I can spend less time on background and editing issue so that I write more about the actual book.
  2. The things you find on the net :aerb::


  3. :acb:
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    Finally picked up a copy of ON WRITING. Thanks. Necessary work. The gods delight.
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  5. Finally got it in Vancouver in a cool bookstore Tanglewood on west broadway. Looks somewhat like this but I'm sure you already have it.


  6. btw.:
    The German translation of this comes out in about 2 weeks.
    We'll have that on sale - still smelling like just printed - at our BUKOWSKI-SYMPOSIUM on August 19 in Andernach, Germany.

    Oh, and we'll have the German editor in charge for this one as a speaker there (publisher is KiWi).

    Oh, well, and we'll have the editor who's in charge (amongst other Buk) for all the Calonne-books including the upcoming (in October this year) German translation of 'The Bell Tolls ...' also as a speaker (publisher is Fischer).
  7. with my brazilian copy in my hands, translated by Rodrigo Breunig for L&PM and released in Brazil on 2016, I'm amazed to read this thread as I get to know more about this piece that I'm addicted to.

    the brazilian title is kinda lame, "writing to not go mad", and it seens to be a routine around here, because every title is associated with madness when they don't use the original. great job, Abel. thanks for that, even if I'm a couple years late.
  8. (what I think it's funny about the titles in brazil is that they kinda try to emulate Buk's voice, in order to call attention and to sound less like a collection, I suppose.)

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