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is it just me, or is this the worst thing about going to a concert? nothing like having my view of the band obscured by 15 glowing screens. i understand maybe grabbing a song or two, but it seems like every show nowadays has a group of assholes who push their way to the front and spend the whole show with one arm arm in the air.

this picture is a screengrab from a professionally filmed descendants concert video that i was watching on youtube, and it makes me mad on behalf of everyone there who actually wanted to watch the show with their eyes.


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those people are experiencing nothing. they are just an annoying distraction. many bands, including Savages and Yeah Yeah Yeahs post notices not allowing cell phone use. but how effective is a written manifesto is on a gig door? probably not very. Radiohead decided to say fuck it andcrowd-sourced a concert video.

Johnny Thunders had it right 35+ years ago...

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lothario speedwagon
i applaud bands for trying to do something about it. instead of posting something on the door of the venue, why not just say to the crowd, "if you see someone recording the show on a cell phone, grab it out of their hand and stomp on it!" that would be pretty funny.
I remember seeing this a few years back and thinking how funny it was to be standing in front of someone like the president of the US and then watching everything through your 4.5" screen when you are standing there with a great view...

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Yeah, you could see this starting a decade ago. (Not to keep pimping my old blog posts, but they just recently came back from the dead, so I'm linking to them, bitches!)

It's really pathetic, and it's only going to get worse. There isn't anything you can do to pry the hands off the phone (don't know why we still call them phones, they aren't really phones anymore) of the average imbecile wandering the streets.

For concerts, here's my ProTip of the day: buy tickets in the front row.

Not the second or third row - that won't work. Someone in those one or two rows in front of you will either have their arm up for half the show or be staring at their lap, live Tweeting the show or texting their friends who are somewhere else in the same venue.


for what is worth? nothing more then to upload their shitty videos on youtube and post a facebook link so all your friends can see and maybe click on the"like" button. most of these assholes dont storage shit and they don't care, they are just attention whores.
it's easy. a big sign outside venue that says "if you are seen operating a cell phone during the show, you are automatically ejected". these hipsters have really affected my enjoyment by blocking my views to the stage whenever they hold those bleedin things up in the air in front of me.

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think of all those poor lighters that won't get held up during the anthems...
It doesn't really bother me when people are recording a concert on their mobile devices near me at a concert. It's not very hard to ignore them and watch the band. It's their own vanity that makes them think they anyone wants to see their shitty youtube video. Anyone who cares will check out panicstream instead of youtube anyway to hear the sound board.
[...] every show nowadays has a group of assholes who push their way to the front and spend the whole show with one arm arm in the air [...]

True but unavoidable.
Once the technology's there, it happens.
Ask any celebrity how their lives have changed since every passenger handles these devices.
what worries me more about modern technology are things like THIS:
(click on any picture)


or THIS:

or maybe even THIS:

... just a few years and we've finally arrived - at last.

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Despite the wailing over lack of privacy from prying government eyes over here, Europe certainly seems to be far ahead of us in every-day-real-use citizen spying.

I know the American governments (all of them) are too stupid and inefficient to actually use any technology more advanced than an ink fingerprint on an index card, so things like facial recognition don't bother me one bit. We're more likely to get some random felony stop and face two dozen gun barrels (hello Pasadena PD!) than we are to get caught up in any futuristic cyber dragnet.

I am concerned though that the guy in the last picture has a sticker on his sweet, customized MacBook that says bloglovin'. Among half a dozen other things I've never heard of. What is there, some second Internet that doesn't speak English? Does the American government know about this?
[...] any technology more advanced than an ink fingerprint [...]

that's sadly true, while in Europe, ink is still used to handle a pen and actually write with it. By hand that is. We're a continent of miracles.
(The new xbox's still American though.)

But now - back to topic:
Cellphones in concerts . . . even the ancient (and dagerous!) lighters and sparklers have been replaced by them (on both continents I guess).
I appreciate that I'm an old fart but it gets right on my tits. And when you're at a gig you should be getting off your own tits (if that's your bag) rather than on mine. It sort of reminds me of a day trip I went on when I was in Australia (to Fraser Island). There was a German guy who, as far as I could tell, spent the whole day filming. Thus having a memento of the day which he didn't really experience. These concert goers are a bit like that.

This government / google snooping is not cool either, obviously ;)

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