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I think these drawings are forgeries. And not very good ones.

Play the Piano... - 3 drawings

They look pretty bad, but the seller (who has 100% positive feedback) guarantees they are genuine or your money back. Thing is, how do you prove to the seller's satisfaction that they are not real?
You prove by a panel of experts like we have on this forum that they are fake.

Someone needs to let him know that they are almost certainly fake. The guarantee means nothing if he will not take the advice of experts.

The one thing that frightens me most is if someone proves these drawings to be genuine. Some grotesque shit scrawled in that otherwise wonderful book.
Maybe someone will ask this seller how he guarantees it? Was it bought from Red Stodolsky? Did he see it drawn? I would almost bet money that he bought it in a bookstore for a couple bucks after some frat boy, as a joke, drew of it and he thought that he found the deal of the century.

If it was in one color, I would say that MAYBE he signed it in person quickly, but in so many colors? No chance.

Plus, not one little man, dog, sun, bird, bottle....


p.s. I just e-mailed him. At least if a few people let him know then we can feel out if he just does not realize that it is a fake. He could very well believe it to be real. Still, believing don't make it so.....
I'm no expert on his artwork or anything, so I am curious what about it seems to not ring true to folks.

That being said, my issues with it would be
-- the seller says he bought it at a bookshop in Glendale fifteen years ago. This implies not so much an in-person signing, and therefore not 100% guarantee-able
-- it would be weird to do three different drawings, no?

Curious what the specifics are as to why others call bullshit on it.



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Curious what the specifics are as to why others call bullshit on it.
Specifically because someone else drew it.

When you've seen hundreds of someone's drawings you get to know their style. You see things they do and don't do, and you can spot their work a mile away.

But mainly because we've seen a lot of Bukowski drawings. And these were scrawled by someone else.
The seller said that he bought it as signed and will return it. He canceled the auction. He said that he paid $200 for it, which would have been an AMAZING deal. The old adage that if it looks too good to be true...

Still, a decent seller as some others fight the evidence and refuse to pull these auctions.


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I feel like we've seen that before.

But yes, it's one of the worst and most obvious forgeries of Bukowski "art" I've ever seen. Not the worst, but one of the worst.

That top it a cat, a chicken or a racing car?


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Holy hell. I was trying to think of something funny to say (at least something I found funny) but that pile of inept fuckery has me stymied.

Jesus wept.

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Wow! That was unexpected. I was waiting for a big justification that I could poop on. Waaaaaa! Now I can't poop on anything. :(

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