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I always liked this picture because, well, the comb, man. And the leather Holiday station gloves, because it's Minnesota after all.



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I would have, but I wasn't plugged in to Princeworld in 1977. I was probably at a Led Zeppelin concert when they shot those pictures.

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One retreat after another without peace.
...which reminds me of my favourite song from the debut album, For you (1978). The rest of the album was too funked up for my taste. But Controversy and, particularly, Dirty mind, hit the mark even now.



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what year did you bump into him down there?
Early in 1981. February? Right before he played on SNL for the first time.

I should have thought to check the podcast. Yes, February of '81.

About a week or so before he was On Saturday Night Live for the first time, early in 1981, I met him on the street in Minneapolis. It’s funny, because even that Saturday Night Live appearance was weird. I don’t think they even announced beforehand that he was going to play. There was another band on the show that night, and he only did one song, Party Up, off of Dirty Mind. He rocked that out, did a mic drop and he was outta there. Classic. The audience seemed to be stunned. Like they didn’t know what to make of what they’d just seen and heard. Anyway, a week or so before that happened I was walking from the bus stop to the building where Sonny Vincent and the Extreme rehearsed. It was an 8 or 9 story office building on the same block as First Avenue. An old brick building that must have been hard up for tenants, since they took us. But apparently when we played you could hear us down on the street, because that night as I rounded the corner to the front of the building, I practically knocked Prince over into the street. He said “Whoa!” and looked at my guitar case and said, “That your band that plays up there?” I said yep, yep, whatever, it’s cool to meet you, love your records, blah blah, and he just looked at me and said, “a-ight then,” and split.

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