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I do have a large poster from Pulp here that was used at a bookshow, but this is probably just someone stealing, as always....

Of course, they have a buyer for a $14.95 POS...


p.s. theeffects. Isn't this tyour FAVORITE Bukowski book?
Barbara Martin


This sounds like a guy that took the cover of PULP and created his own mini-poster, no? Pretty sure this is not from BSP. I know you can buy the 'sheets' for BSP covers (used to see lots of them a few years back...), appears he just 'scanned' the cover and made a poster?

Yes... makes one wonder. But buyers seem to go for it anyway if the bootlegs look well reproduced and they can get them in time before the copywrite police catch on and shut things down. This is good reason for the Bukowski estate to take the initiative and market some of these items themselves. I wouldn't mind having a poster of one of Barbara Martin's great covers too, but in a legal reproduction. I think she was outstanding as a graphics designer and she contributed greatly to the enjoyment of Buk's books... real pieces of art. And from the pictures I've seen, she's one fine beauty of a woman herself. Lucky John. Lucky Buk. "”Poptop.
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"...this is a giclee print..."

If you've got a decent computer printer that uses 6 or 7 different colored ink cartridges, you too have a "giclee" printer!

The process is used for fine art prints, usually single prints or very small editions, but giclee is just a glorified word for ink jet printing. Usually the fine art prints are made on very expensive industrial sized printers that can print on rolls of canvas or paper, but the underlying technology is the same as a $250 EPSON that you plug into your computer.

This guy is obviously just using a large format home printer and a scanner to make his "art." And like so many on eBay just takes whatever he wants from wherever he wants and sells it at a profit.

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